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Easy Spiked Eggnog With Coffee and Brandy – Without Heavy Cream

Spiked eggnog is an rich and creamy holiday drink that everyone will love. This recipe uses Brandy, but you can substitute for rum, whiskey, or bailey’s.

Coquito: Puerto Rican Coconut Rum Eggnog

Puerto Rican eggnog is extra creamy holiday treat. This recipe is made with homemade condensed coconut milk, sprinkled with familiar spices of cinnamon and nutmeg. Garnished with coconut flakes and a cinnamon stick.

Kaffemik: Greenlandic Coffee and Cake

Sure, food and drink can be a uniting factor in all climates. It seems, though, that in Greenland this notion of “communal consumption” is taken a step further. Of course, given the…

Otai: Tongan Coconut Watermelon Drink

Sometimes, it’s not specific dishes that stand out in a cuisine. No, sometimes it’s the drinks that are the true stars of the show. For the Tongan cuisine, there are two…

Gluhwein: German Spiced Mulled Wine

In terms of the Christmas spirit, there are very few that can beat the Germans. Every year, cities and towns throughout Germany (and Austria for that matter) set up the…