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4 different types of salami meat roses

Charcuterie Salami Rose

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Make salami meat roses with just a small glass and some salami!


  • 6 oz of salami (substitute for any other round shaped deli meat such as pepperoni)
  • small – medium glass (think shot glass or small coffee glasses)


Step 1 – Place glass upright and fold over 3 pieces of salami halfway over the rimstep 1 of making a charcuterie meat flower

Step 2 – Fold over 5 more pieces as your second layer. Repeat one more time for a third layer – stagger the meat for best results!

step 2 - add 5 more pieces of salami and stagger them over the 1st layer

Step 3 – Invert the glass, use your hand to keep the salami from falling out

invert glass and use hand to prevent salami from falling out

Step 4: Carefully remove glass. Repeat for more flowers!

step 4 final product of salami rose after glass was carefully removed


1. you might want to use different meats and different sized glasses for best display

2. Although different meats can be used, you need round pieces – square and rectangular won’t work. Try pepperoni!

3. I would avoid flimy thin pieces such as proscuitto – it does not hold the shape well.

  • Prep Time: 5
  • Cook Time: 5
  • Category: charcuterie
  • Cuisine: american