Mei Fun vs Lo Mein: Which Noodle Dish Wins Your Palate?

Welcome to the delicious showdown of Mei Fun vs Lo Mein, two beloved Chinese noodle dishes known for their delicious flavors and unique textures.

Picture the aroma of spices and the sound of noodles sizzling. Imagine steaming noodles mixed with tasty ingredients that make you eager to dig in. Sounds tempting, right?

Join us as we explore these two iconic dishes, and you’ll soon discover your new favorite noodle dish. Will it be mei fun or lo mein? Let’s find out!

Understanding Mei Fun and Lo Mein

Although both are stir-fried noodles, mei fun and lo mein offer unique culinary experiences. Mei fun is delicate and versatile, while lo mein is rich and comforting. The preparation methods for these dishes also differ. Mei fun noodles are usually soaked in hot water before being stir-fried, whereas lo mein noodles are boiled or steamed first and then stir-fried with the other ingredients.

With these differences in mind, let’s learn more about each dish in the following sections.

Mei Fun: Thin Rice Noodles with a Twist

A plate of mei fun topped with sliced beef, green onions, and cucumber

Also called rice vermicelli or rice stick noodles, mei fun is made up of thin, soft, and tender noodles, which soak up the stir-fry flavors really well. This gives each bite a rich and flavorful taste that will make you want more. This is very similar to the Vietnamese pho noodle, which is also a rice noodle that is thin and soft. Being made from rice instead of wheat like lo mein, mei fun would be the naturally gluten-free choice for those who have celiac, or just following a gluten free diet.

This noodle dish pairs well with many ingredients. You can add meat, seafood, or vegetables. Whether you mix in colorful veggies or chicken, mei fun makes every flavor stand out.

Originating from Southern China’s Cantonese culinary tradition, which focuses on fresh and light dishes, mei fun embodies this approach with its cooking style and choice of ingredients.

Here are some fun kinds you have to try:

Mei Fun VariationDescription
Shrimp Mei FunThis has shrimp, veggies, and noodles. They’re all stir-fried with garlic and oyster sauce.
Beef Mei FunIt has soft beef strips, mei fun noodles, bean sprouts, and green onions.
Veggie Mei FunIt’s full of bright veggies, like carrots and peppers. They’re stir-fried with mei fun for a fresh taste.

Whether you prefer shrimp or beef, these mei fun dishes offer a wide range of delicious options to suit every taste.

Lo Mein: The Classic Chinese Comfort Food

Chopsticks lifting lo mein noodles with slices of beef from a plate.

Lo mein is a Chinese-American cuisine favorite that’s made up of thick and chewy noodles. The highlight of this dish is its egg noodles, crafted from a blend of wheat flour and eggs. This combination gives it a special taste and texture, making eating lo mein a great experience.

To make perfect lo mein, the noodles are stir-fried with veggies and protein like chicken, beef, shrimp, or tofu. Everything is cooked quickly on high heat to keep the colors bright and the flavors fresh. This also allows the ingredients to mix well, giving the noodles a tasty coating.

This dish is great, as there are many ways you can change it up. Whether you prefer a savory soy sauce base, a mild flavor, or a spicy kick, the choice is all yours.

Try out these popular variations of lo mein:

Vegetable Lo MeinThis version is great for vegetarians. It’s full of colorful veggies like broccoli, carrots, and mushrooms.
Chicken Lo MeinIn this version, tender chicken is paired with the tasty noodles. It’s a meal full of protein.
Beef Lo MeinThis mixes tender beef with the noodles. It’s a filling and tasty dish.
Shrimp Lo MeinIn this dish, juicy shrimp are the highlight. It adds a seafood flavor to the lo mein.

Now that you know about the great taste of lo mein and its noodles, you’re ready to try different varieties. Explore the many options, enjoy the textures, and savor the flavors that make lo mein so comforting.

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Deciding Between Mei Fun vs Lo Mein

Two bowls of noodles: on the left is mei fun with a spicy topping, and on the right is lo mein with vegetables, both with chopsticks.

When choosing between mei fun vs lo mein, taste, texture, and feel are the main factors to consider. Mei fun has a light and subtle taste, thanks to its thin rice noodles that are light and flexible. This makes it a top choice for stir-fries.

On the other hand, lo mein has a strong and rich taste. Its chewy egg noodles absorb the sauces well, making lo mein a very satisfying dish.

If you prefer light flavors and a soft texture, mei fun is the way to go. It’s great for various stir-fry dishes and lets you try different taste combinations.

Meanwhile, if you enjoy strong flavors and a chewy texture, go for lo mein. It’s hearty and perfect for a filling meal.

Ultimately, your personal taste matters when choosing between these two. Try both to see which you like more. Whether it’s mei fun or lo mein, you’re sure to enjoy a delicious meal.


Mei fun and lo mein are two great Chinese noodle dishes that offer unique and delicious flavors. Whether you prefer the lighter Mei Fun or the heartier Lo Mein, both are excellent choices.

If you still don’t know which one you like, try them for yourself. Choose between the thin mei fun or the chewy lo mein noodles and discover which one you like best. Both are amazing choices, and you might even discover a new favorite noodle dish!


Can both Mei Fun and Lo Mein be made vegetarian?

Yes, both Mei fun and lo mein can easily be adapted to vegetarian diets. You can substitute meat with tofu or a variety of vegetables while maintaining the essential character of each dish.

Which dish is quicker to prepare?

Mei fun typically cooks faster due to the thinness of the noodles, which only require brief soaking or cooking. Lo mein might take a bit longer as the thicker noodles need to be boiled before being stir-fried.

What are the main differences between Mei Fun and Lo Mein?

A: Mei fun is made with thin rice noodles, while lo mein uses thicker egg noodles. Mei fun also feels gentle and goes well in many recipes. On the other hand, lo mein has a richer taste and is more filling with its thicker noodles. Your choice depends on what you like in a noodle’s texture and flavor.

Which noodle dish should I choose?

A: Think about what flavor and texture you’re craving. If you like light and soft noodles, pick mei fun. It’s great in a variety of dishes. But if you’re a fan of classic, hearty noodles, then lo mein is for you.

Which noodle dish is generally considered healthier?

Generally, mei fun is considered healthier due to its lighter use of oil and sauce and the option for high vegetable content. However, the healthiness of each dish ultimately depends on the specific ingredients and preparation methods used.