Halusky Slovakian Potato Dumplings

Halusky Slovakian potato dumplings

Potatoes are the heart of Eastern European culinary tradition, featured prominently in many dishes, and halusky – the national dish of Slovakia – epitomizes the fondness for this tasty tuber. In what is now becoming a familiar tale here on Arousing Appetites, what’s now an ingredient central to a country’s cuisine was a foreign introduction … Read more

Quesillo Nicaraguan Tortill and Cheese Street Food

Quesillo Nicaraguan Tortilla and Cheese Street Food

There is more to quesillo than meets the eye. What other street food has ignited a bitter battle of words between two townships? Both claim to be the birthplace of this popular, cheesy morsel. At the heart of the feud lie two restaurants, eat with their own claim to its creation. But there can only be … Read more

Tilkeladoo Vegan Indian Sesame Seed Jaggery Coconut Oil Sweet Makar Sankranti

Tilkeladoo vegan Indian sesame seed jaggery coconut oil sweet

If only every dessert could be like til ke ladoo. It’s one thing to enjoy the sweet, balanced flavors like this sesame and jaggery treat can offer. Certainly we all can get around the keystone Indian festivals of Diwali and Makar Sankranti. It’s an entirely different story, however, when you can enjoy the sweet in the name of … Read more

Otai: Tongan Coconut Watermelon Drink

Otai: Tongan Coconut Watermelon Drink - Mixture of coconut milk, coconut flakes, honey mango and smashed fresh watermelon

Sometimes, it’s not specific dishes that stand out in a cuisine. No, sometimes it’s the drinks that are the true stars of the show. For the Tongan cuisine, there are two drinks in particular. First, there’s ‘otai, or a delicious coconut watermelon drink, which is the focal point of the recipe for this post. And then … Read more

Som Tam: Thai Papaya Salad

Som Tam: Thai Papaya Salad

We always enjoy exploring the dishes and recipes of Southeast Asian cuisines. From Laos to Thailand to Vietnam (and beyond), each cuisine offers an incredible diversity of taste brought into harmonious balance with one another. Som tam, however, might actually take this “balancing” characteristic one step further, and it all starts in the region from … Read more

Mizeria – Polish Cucumber Salad With Dill and Yogurt

Mizeria served in a plate

It’s always fun to find recipes with ironic and sometimes bizarre names. When we do, the backstory to the name is almost as intriguing as the recipe itself. Mizeria certainly counts as one of those recipes. Backstory to the Mizeria Name When translating into English, mizeria can embody several concepts, none of which are at all flattering. Mizeria, … Read more