Pylsur: Icelandic Hot Dog

This is pylsur, the infamous Icelandic hot dog topped with homemade mustard, remoulade, raw onions and cornichon

Even in food, you can come to expect quite a few curveballs. Although there are few quite like the overall Icelandic cuisine. For one that boasts such uncommon traditional specialties like hákarl (rotten shark), svið (roasted sheep skull) or lundi (smoked puffin), it’s almost sort of odd the pylsur would be the most go-to Icelandic dish of … Read more

Pochero: Filipino Beef Stew

This is Pochero! A Filipino Pork Stew with baby corn, bok choy, tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, green beans and chorizo

Sometimes it simply doesn’t do a dish justice to try drawing parallels for it. Sure, pochero is kind of sort of “like Spanish cocido,” except that it’s simply not. While conceptually the same thing, the Filipino version of pochero has evolved into something far more exquisite than that. Pochero, Spanish Influences, and Unique Filipino Tastes In … Read more

Anticuchos: Peruvian Beef Kabobs

Peruvian Anticuchos Kabobs with Aji Amarillo Sauce

Thanks to some of our previous deep culinary explorations here on Arousing Appetites, we’ve encountered some prevailing trends in the world’s history. Introducing the Spanish conquistadors into the picture, for example, generally spelled bad news for the land’s indigenous populations. We’ve seen it certainly be the case both in Jamaica and in Haiti. Sometimes, amid all the historical … Read more


Buuz dumplings

It seems like almost every cuisine out there has some sort of localized version of the dumpling. The Japanese have the gyoza. The Chinese their wontons. The Italians embrace the ravioli and the tortellini. The Germans tout spaetzle, and the Nepalese their momos. For the Mongolians, the dumpling – buuz being among them – is … Read more

Ropa Vieja: Cuban Shredded Slow Cooked Beef

Ropa Vieja: Cuban Shredded Slow Cooked Beef

We love getting feedback from the Arousing Appetites community. Recently, we were asked to write about a few more meaty recipes, and of course we’re happy to oblige. Unfortunately for Heather, who has been a pescatarian (vegetarian and fish diet) since 2007, she won’t be privy to enjoy these delicious recipes, but I sure can. And … Read more