Speculaas Spicy Seasonal Dutch Cookies

Speculaas spicy seasonal dutch cookies

December 6th is Saint Nicholas’ day, in the run up to which kitchens all over the Netherlands will be humming with the smell of baking speculaas cookies. Speculaas – known as speculoos in France and Belgium and spekulatius in Germany – are a kind of softer gingerbread biscuit bursting with spices and topped with almonds … Read more

Keshi Yena: Curaçao Stuffed Cheese Casserole

Keshi Yena: Curaçao Stuffed Cheese Casserole

In this wild world of ours, sometimes the best history lessons are seen – and tasted – right in front of us. Certainly that’s the case with keshi yena and Curaçao. Even in the smallest of these simple, inauspiciously prepared stuffed cheese casseroles, you’ll find a wealth of historical influences, both from the outside and within the … Read more

Poffertjes: Dutch Silver Dollar Pancakes

Poffertjes topped with powdered sugar and butter

Some recipes we choose to do for less logical, more emotional reasons. Even in the early stages of recipe planning, we were determined to focus on poffertjes for our deep dive into Dutch dining. Nevermind their ubiquity in Dutch snacking culture. Poffertjes hold a bit of sentimental value for the both of us. We can both hearken … Read more