Nalysnyky: Ukranian Cheese Crepes

Ukrainian Nalsynksy - Baked crepes filled with a savory, herbed cheese mixture

It’s one thing for a dish to be an indulgent treat. Within moderation, these treats really illustrate the joys of decadent or, you might say, even sinfully good food. To actually feature it, however, in a celebration of “last indulgences” requires a dish that can really live up to hedonistic expectations. Lucky for the Ukrainians, then, that … Read more

Pastel de Choclo: Chilean Corn Pie

Chilean pastel de choclo corn casserole filling with mushroom onion spices olives eggs and mozzerella topped with brown sugar

It’s amazing how food can serve as a proxy for identifying key cultural integrations. For the Chileans, the best available “yummy proxy” is none other than pastel de choclo. Drawing on key components from the different historical influences, this recipe represents far more than a corn pie for a fiercely proud population. And, given the taste of it, … Read more