Nasi Kuning: Indonesian Festive Rice

Nasi Kuning: Indonesian Festive Rice

Whenever Heather gets a new cookbook for the house, it’s always a good enough reason to have a celebration! This time around, she got a really delightful cookbook, Cradle of Flavor, that dives deep into some really exquisite looking Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean recipes. Needless to say that we’re both really excited to explore many more … Read more

Goan Prawn Curry

goan prawn curry

Heather and I were fortunate to make it to India earlier this year in order to attend a good friend’s wedding. And first, let me tell you that Indian weddings are so incredibly eventful… I certainly wasn’t ready for it myself. Prior to the wedding itself, though, we took a few weeks to backpack through different … Read more

Goi Cuon: Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

One of the greatest “grocery store discoveries” that we’ve ever made has been rice paper sheets for fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. For starters, they’re light and nutritious. Each individual sheet is only ~34 calories! And it’s also a source for fiber and iron. They’re incredibly inexpensive too! One packet of 35 sheets, which easily spans … Read more