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Muamba Nsusu: Congolese Peanut & Palm Oil Stew

Few ingredients in the world have had as big an impact on their native region as the palm nut. Whether used in dishes like muamba nsusu or as industrial machine…

Pochero: Filipino Beef Stew

Sometimes it simply doesn’t do a dish justice to try drawing parallels for it. Sure, pochero is kind of sort of “like Spanish cocido,” except that it’s simply not. While conceptually…

Bougna: Kanak Yam and Seafood Curry

Sure, different cuisines are bound to hold certain ingredients in higher regard over others. The Kanaks in New Caledonia might, however, be the prize-winners when it comes to their celebration…

Caril de Caranguejo: Mozambican Crab Curry

There are some culinary mixes that simply work better than others. It could be a complementary set of flavor profiles or that one cuisine’s cooking method merges seamlessly with another’s ingredients….

Saltibarsciai: Lithuanian Beet Soup

With the recipes and cuisines covered here on Arousing Appetites, there’s a relatively prevailing trend: most of the traditional dishes have histories that can be traced back centuries… if not millennia….