Kashata: Tanzanian Coconut Peanut Brittle

Kashata: Tanzanian Coconut Peanut Brittle

Sometimes, it’s difficult to pin down a particular recipe to one given location, especially with today’s relatively new national borders. Count kashata, a delectable Swahili peanut brittle-esque dessert, as one such recipe. Yes, it’s a common snack and street food in abundance around Tanzania, but the recipe itself – much like the overarching Swahili culture … Read more

Clafoutis: French Baked Cherry Tart

Baked French cherry tart clafoutis

This recipe is a made-from-scratch mini tarts using real fresh cherries. It uses easy to find ingredients such as flour, butter, whole milk, and fresh cherries. Whenever we find a recipe that combines fruit and pastry we get really excited, like this other recipe we found from the Samoans – a pineapple empanada (paifala), that … Read more

Apple Pie: The All American Dessert

Apple pie - American vegan with lattice top

If you grew up in the US like we did, chances are good that you’ve probably heard this saying at least a few times in your life. As American as apple pie. Never minding that we Americans sometimes use strange proxies to qualify our patriotism (i.e. Budweiser beer, Uncle Sam, PB&Js, etc), we were curious as … Read more

Lamingtons: Australian Sponge Cakes

Australian Lamingtons - Chocolate and coconut covered sponge cake

It’s funny how food can have a certain lasting power little else can match. Surely, lamingtons are a fabulous sponge cake dessert, but that it has monopolized the Lamington name – and a decorated political career to boot – serves as a testament to the power of food. It kind of makes you feel for … Read more

Anzac Biscuits: New Zealand Rolled Oats Crisps

New Zealand Anzac Rolled Oats Biscuit

There is an unmistakeable power of food that can, at times, evoke powerful memories and emotions in all of us. In Australia and New Zealand, the Anzac biscuit most certainly qualifies as one of those foods. Even as a relatively simple recipe featuring little more than rolled oats and honey, these little cookies serve as … Read more

Nalysnyky: Ukranian Cheese Crepes

Ukrainian Nalsynksy - Baked crepes filled with a savory, herbed cheese mixture

It’s one thing for a dish to be an indulgent treat. Within moderation, these treats really illustrate the joys of decadent or, you might say, even sinfully good food. To actually feature it, however, in a celebration of “last indulgences” requires a dish that can really live up to hedonistic expectations. Lucky for the Ukrainians, then, that … Read more