Otai: Tongan Coconut Watermelon Drink

Otai: Tongan Coconut Watermelon Drink - Mixture of coconut milk, coconut flakes, honey mango and smashed fresh watermelon

Sometimes, it’s not specific dishes that stand out in a cuisine. No, sometimes it’s the drinks that are the true stars of the show. For the Tongan cuisine, there are two drinks in particular. First, there’s ‘otai, or a delicious coconut watermelon drink, which is the focal point of the recipe for this post. And then … Read more

Dovi: Zimbabwean Peanut Stew

The final plated dish of Zimbabwe Dovi - Peanut Stew

For the both of us, one of the most valuable perks of preparing these posts is the opportunity to learn the lesser known histories of the cultures we cook. To say the least, we had limited insight into the history of Zimbabwe and how a dish like Dovi came to be. Little did we know that, even … Read more

Chatamari: Nepali Rice Flour Crepe

Chatamari: Nepali Rice Flour Crepe

There’s a lot to get excited about with chatamari. Even when described as a “Nepali rice crepe,” we were already intrigued. Little did we know, however, how short that description actually sells the recipe itself. Because once you have a taste, you’ll understand that chatamari is far more than any old “rice crepe” could be. … Read more

Kottu Roti: Sri Lankan Fried Bread

Kottu Roti: Sri Lankan Fried Bread

It’s always fascinating to find recipes that have much more to offer than just their ingredients and listed steps. Few recipes, however, transcend as far and mean as much as kottu roti does to Sri Lanka. Even as a relative newcomer to the cuisine, kottu roti has become an incredibly popular and all-encompassing symbol of … Read more

Bibimbap – Vegan Korean Rice Bowl with Tofu


Learning the story behind famous dishes never gets old, especially when it’s one that you’ve already encountered several times before. To say that we’ve encountered bibimbap only several times would be a slight understatement, but we’d still never really known much about it until recently. Now that we have, though, we’re that much more appreciative of such … Read more


Koshary dish

For a culture with such a rich history and tradition as Egypt’s, it is pretty ironic that a newcomer “transplant” dish is as ubiquitous and popular as koshary. And yet, thanks to a fusion of incoming influencing cuisines, it has rapidly become one of the most authentic and recognizable foods in this former bastion of the … Read more