Choripan: Argentine Chorizo & Baguette

Choripan - Argentine grilled chorizo sausage inside a toasted baguette topped with a heaping dollop of chimichurri

Even the simplest of dishes can evoke the most complex of feelings. While the choripan is as simple a recipe as you’ll perhaps ever get, the symbolism of the sandwich goes far deeper into the fabric of Argentina’s national identity. Choripan, Gauchos, Cattle and Asados The key to understanding the significance of choripan involves diving deeper … Read more

Chivito: Uruguayan Meat Sandwich

Chivito: Uruguayan Meat Sandwich with steak, cheese, red pepper, ham, egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion

Sometimes, you’re left wondering if the name of the dish really matters. After all, a sandwich like chivito – which translates “little billy goat” in English – actually has no goat meat in it, yet it is still incredibly delicious and hearty. And since the misleading doesn’t seem to deter anyone else from trying it either, … Read more

Kaffemik: Greenlandic Coffee and Cake

Kaffemik: Greenlandic Coffee and Cake

Sure, food and drink can be a uniting factor in all climates. It seems, though, that in Greenland this notion of “communal consumption” is taken a step further. Of course, given the extreme conditions of Greenland itself (which isn’t very green at all), it’s pretty easy to quickly understand how vital a tradition like the kaffemik might have been… … Read more

Khachapuri (Acharuli): Georgian Cheese Bread

Khachapuri (Acharuli): Georgian Cheese Bread

It’s one thing for a country to have various regional cuisines. As we saw in the case of Croatia, the Dalmatian dishes like brodet are entirely different than what you might find in the mainland. Georgia’s different regions, however, take this notion of regional independence to an entirely different level. For a dish like khachapuri, … Read more

Flaounes: Cypriot Easter Dessert

Cypriot Flaounes - cheese filled Easter bread

It never ceases to amaze us how much the history of a particular food can really speak to the broader history of the culture behind it. For flaouna (flaounes for plural), this delightful sourdough cheesy Easter dessert has become a pride and joy in Cyprus. But the recipe and its clear-cut Hellenistic roots are, interestingly, … Read more

Irish Soda Bread

irish soda bread

Notwithstanding how common it might really be, it’s always interesting to see a non-indigenous food rise so meteorically to the forefront of a nation’s cuisine. With the Irish – one of the earliest recorded contemporary cultures, mind you – the rise of the previously un-Irish soda bread is no exception. The Rise of Soda Bread … Read more