Bobotie South African Meatloaf Casserole

Bobotie South African meatloaf casserole

What do you get when you throw a some ground meat, eggs and bread at an 17th century Dutch spice ship? The answer is bobotie, South Africa’s national dish that was born of a dark union between colonizers, slaves and the centuries-old spice trade. Bobotie is a dish of sweet and zesty mince meat topped … Read more

Benachin Gambian One Pot Jollof Rice

Benachin Gambian One Pot Jollof Rice

When you find a dish like benachin mentioned in the same train of thought as Nelson Mandela, it’s invariably a good sign. Dubbed one of the 7 Wonders of Africa in a tongue-and-cheek reference to Mandela, Cape Town and Senegalese hair twists, it should thus be no surprise that the origin of benachin – a West African tomato-soaked rice dish known … Read more

M’battan Libyan Meat Stuffed Potatos

M'battan Libyan meat stuffed potatoes

M’battan  – small, deep-fried balls of potato stuffed with a seasoned minced meat – might just be your next finger food favorite. Compact, tasty and portable, this Libyan specialty makes a great snack, party platter or picnic item. Kept for special occasions in its home country, m’battan – also known as mubatan – is pretty … Read more

Quesillo Nicaraguan Tortill and Cheese Street Food

Quesillo Nicaraguan Tortilla and Cheese Street Food

There is more to quesillo than meets the eye. What other street food has ignited a bitter battle of words between two townships? Both claim to be the birthplace of this popular, cheesy morsel. At the heart of the feud lie two restaurants, eat with their own claim to its creation. But there can only be … Read more

Poisson Salé: Gabonese Salted Cod Stew

Even in places endowed with an abundance of Earth’s natural resources, it’s not necessarily a “given” that a flourishing cuisine will develop. The coastal African country Gabon lends is a perfect example of this. It seems like much of Gabon’s cuisine developed on the fly with the help of external influences and historical passersby. And yet, … Read more