Gaufres Liegeoises: Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffles with berries on top

Even with all the preparation and research we do for recipes, even then we sometimes still underestimate the journey ahead. For these Belgian waffles (technically gaufres liegeoises), this proved to be exactly the case. These gaufres were intricate, confusing-but-still-manageable recipe that kept us on our toes the entire time. And still, we forged on, and the … Read more

Poffertjes: Dutch Silver Dollar Pancakes

Poffertjes topped with powdered sugar and butter

Some recipes we choose to do for less logical, more emotional reasons. Even in the early stages of recipe planning, we were determined to focus on poffertjes for our deep dive into Dutch dining. Nevermind their ubiquity in Dutch snacking culture. Poffertjes hold a bit of sentimental value for the both of us. We can both hearken … Read more

Haft Mewa – Afghan Fruits and Nuts – A New Year Dish

Haft Mewa

Haft mewa is an Afghan dish that combines dried fruits and nuts into a bowl together, add water and let the flavors meld and a syrup form. It’s a perfect dessert or snack dish. Sometimes, the simplest of dishes can have the most symbolic and deepest of meanings. That certainly is the case for haft … Read more

Paifala – Samoan Halfmoon Pie With Crushed Pineapple and Coconut Milk

Paifala Dish

As we continue to try new recipes from around the world, we’re starting to pick up on certain trends and commonalities between cuisines. We thought we had come onto one of these commonalities with paifala. After all, from the outward look of it, paifala looks an awful lot like empanadas from the Latin and Spanish … Read more

Joulutortut: Finnish Jam Pinwheel Pastries

Joulutortut: Finnish Jam Pinwheel Pastries

As we pursue to make traditional holiday dishes from around the world, I doubt that any will look as aesthetically appealing as joulutortut does. It certainly requires a bit of extra finesse in order to get the joulutortut into its pinwheel shape, but a finished joulutortut pastry, especially with the color contrast between the golden pastry and the dark purple prune … Read more

Sachertorte: Austrian Layered Chocolate Cake

Sachertorte: Austrian Layered Chocolate Cake

Today is a very special day. Yes, it’s Sinterklaas in Holland and Father’s Day in Thailand, but that’s not the reason why today is such a special food day. In fact, unless you’re a native of Vienna, Austria, or a buff on the Viennese cuisine, you might not immediately associate December 5 with National Sachertorte Day. … Read more