Haft Mewa – Afghan Fruits and Nuts – A New Year Dish

Haft Mewa

Haft mewa is an Afghan dish that combines dried fruits and nuts into a bowl together, add water and let the flavors meld and a syrup form. It’s a perfect dessert or snack dish. Sometimes, the simplest of dishes can have the most symbolic and deepest of meanings. That certainly is the case for haft … Read more


Buuz dumplings

It seems like almost every cuisine out there has some sort of localized version of the dumpling. The Japanese have the gyoza. The Chinese their wontons. The Italians embrace the ravioli and the tortellini. The Germans tout spaetzle, and the Nepalese their momos. For the Mongolians, the dumpling – buuz being among them – is … Read more

Doro Wot: Ethiopian Berbere & Chicken Stew

Doro Wot: Ethiopian Berbere & Chicken Stew

Coming from the DC area, there is a true abundance of high-quality and amazing Ethiopian restaurants around town. This cluster of amazing Ethiopian food is, oddly enough, one of the few things that the DC food scene is known for. After recently going to one of our favorite places nearby, it dawned on us that … Read more

Fiskefilet: Danish Open Faced Fish Sandwich with a Remoulade

Remoulade and Fiskefilet - Danish Open Faced Fish Sandwich

This fried fish sandwich is made using flounder filets topped with a made-from-scratch remoulade using mayonnaise, greek yogurt, mustard, apple, carrots, and some spices, served with a piece of rye bread. You haven’t had a fish sandwich like this amazing fiskefilet from Denmark! One of the most fun staples of Denmark food culture is the … Read more

Ensalada Nochebuena: Mexican Christmas Salad

Mexican Christmas Salad - Ensalada Nochebuena

For most, the “holiday season,” like it is in the US, actually means only a handful of days that are the holidays themselves. But other countries, like it is in Mexico, have a true holiday season, lasting from early December all the way through January 6. Amid this season of celebration, one of the biggest feasts still does … Read more

Yalanci Sarma: Armenian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Yalanci Sarma: Armenian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Since it is the holiday season, ’tis also the season for holiday parties! As part of our quest to find holiday-centric recipes from around the world, we also figured it would be a fun idea to find inspiration for bringing the holiday cheer to the bellies of your party guests. For today, as part of … Read more