Arroz Chaufa Peruvian Cantonese Stir Fried Rice

Arroz chaufa Peruvian Cantonese stir fried rice

Think of a classic Peruvian dinner, and arroz chaufa might not be the first thing that springs to mind. You might instead conjure up a plate of ceviche or a barbequed cuy (guinea pig!) washed down with a pisco sour. Spend an evening in Lima, however, and you are just as likely to find yourself tucking into a hearty … Read more

Benachin Gambian One Pot Jollof Rice

Benachin Gambian One Pot Jollof Rice

When you find a dish like benachin mentioned in the same train of thought as Nelson Mandela, it’s invariably a good sign. Dubbed one of the 7 Wonders of Africa in a tongue-and-cheek reference to Mandela, Cape Town and Senegalese hair twists, it should thus be no surprise that the origin of benachin – a West African tomato-soaked rice dish known … Read more

Poisson Salé: Gabonese Salted Cod Stew

Even in places endowed with an abundance of Earth’s natural resources, it’s not necessarily a “given” that a flourishing cuisine will develop. The coastal African country Gabon lends is a perfect example of this. It seems like much of Gabon’s cuisine developed on the fly with the help of external influences and historical passersby. And yet, … Read more

Cesnecka: Czech Garlic Soup

Cesnecka: Czech Garlic Soup

It’s no real secret here that we’re pretty big fans of garlic. Even one glance at other recipes like brodet and tave kosi is enough to see that we’re not shy about adding in the extra clove or two into almost any recipe. Luckily for us, it seems we share our fanaticism for the pungent root with others out … Read more

Caponata: Cooked Sicilian Aubergines

This is caponata, a classic Sicilian dish of stewed aubergines or eggplant, complete with loads of vegetables, fresh herbs and spices and lovely balance between sweet and sour

This was a cuisine we’ve been really looking forward to exploring. Sure, Sicily is technically part of Italy these days, but the island’s history has endowed it with a culture so unique, so incredible and so distinct from the mainland. In this way, pairing Sicily and Italian together would be quite the misnomer. One area that … Read more