Nasi Kuning: Indonesian Festive Rice

Nasi Kuning: Indonesian Festive Rice

Kasi Kuning is a festive rice in Indonesia cooked with coconut milk and turmeric. It is very fragrant and delicious bowl of rice that is perfectly suited to be eaten with your favorite entree. It was this dish for nasi kuning, however, that caught our eye first as being very exquisite. And apparently for good reason, … Read more

Goan Prawn Curry

goan prawn curry

Discovering Indian cuisine We discovered this delicious goan prawn curry while we were on a trip to India. Heather and I were fortunate to make it to India earlier this year in order to attend a good friend’s wedding. And first, let me tell you that Indian weddings are so incredibly eventful… I certainly wasn’t … Read more

Goi Cuon: Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

One of the greatest “grocery store discoveries” that we’ve ever made has been rice paper sheets for fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. For starters, they’re light and nutritious. Each individual sheet is only ~34 calories! And it’s also a source for fiber and iron. They’re incredibly inexpensive too! One packet of 35 sheets, which easily spans … Read more

Hot Chili Oil A La Rodgers

Hot chili oil bottled and jarred

It’s was love at first taste. Hot chili oil is my soul-food-mate. We first met a mile up on a mountain après-ski. And by après-ski, I mean after tumbling down beautiful mountains while being videoed (and pointed and laughed at) by the nimble, GoPro wearing 13-year-old cousin of Cyrus. (Please let those videos never surface.) … Read more

Italian Garlic Bread with Red Wine Base

Italian Garlic Bread with Red Wine Base

I’ve been a food lover for as long as I can remember (and, according to my family, it spans back even further than that!), but my love for cooking technically didn’t come until later. In other words, I once really enjoyed the eating part much much more than the cooking side of the house. However I smelled the fresh … Read more