Ropa Vieja: Cuban Shredded Slow Cooked Beef

Ropa Vieja: Cuban Shredded Slow Cooked Beef

We love getting feedback from the Arousing Appetites community. Recently, we were asked to write about a few more meaty recipes, and of course we’re happy to oblige. Unfortunately for Heather, who has been a pescatarian (vegetarian and fish diet) since 2007, she won’t be privy to enjoy these delicious recipes, but I sure can. And … Read more

Fiskefilet: Danish Open Faced Fish Sandwich with a Remoulade

Remoulade and Fiskefilet - Danish Open Faced Fish Sandwich

This fried fish sandwich is made using flounder filets topped with a made-from-scratch remoulade using mayonnaise, greek yogurt, mustard, apple, carrots, and some spices, served with a piece of rye bread. You haven’t had a fish sandwich like this amazing fiskefilet from Denmark! One of the most fun staples of Denmark food culture is the … Read more

Ensalada Nochebuena: Mexican Christmas Salad

Mexican Christmas Salad - Ensalada Nochebuena

For most, the “holiday season,” like it is in the US, actually means only a handful of days that are the holidays themselves. But other countries, like it is in Mexico, have a true holiday season, lasting from early December all the way through January 6. Amid this season of celebration, one of the biggest feasts still does … Read more

Yalanci Sarma: Armenian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Yalanci Sarma: Armenian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Since it is the holiday season, ’tis also the season for holiday parties! As part of our quest to find holiday-centric recipes from around the world, we also figured it would be a fun idea to find inspiration for bringing the holiday cheer to the bellies of your party guests. For today, as part of … Read more

Oyster Cajun Stuffing

As an homage to the Thanksgiving in all its American splendor, we thought it appropriate to find a cajun stuffing recipe from a little closer to home. Even in the US, though, “home” is really a melting pot of many different regional cuisines, so this was a prime opportunity to explore one of the more vibrant … Read more