Tangyuan Chinese Black Sesame Dumplings Yuanxiao

Tangyuan chinese black sesame dumplings yuanxiao

Approaching a recipe just for its ingredients is often an incomplete story. As is the case with tangyuan, there’s a much deeper meaning and a richer story behind the glutinous rice ball itself. As we’ll see in its relation to yuanxiao, the Lantern Festival in the Chinese lunar calendar, there is far more than meets the eye … Read more

Asian Rice Cake Recipe With Rice Flour – Naturally Gluten Free

Asian rice cake made with rice flour

This treat is naturally gluten-free, made with coconut milk and rice flour. It is basically a sweet and spongy dessert mini cake baked in a muffin tray. The Filipinos call it a “Bibingka”, and they enjoy it for breakfast or around Christmas, but for us it’s a sweet gluten-free coconutty treat! Bibingka is a cherished … Read more

Steamed Dumplings From Scratch With Filling & Dipping Sauce Recipe

steamed dumplings with filling & dipping sauce

What is a Steamed Dumpling? A steamed dumpling is a delicious Chinese snack that can be eaten hot or cold. It’s usually made from wheat flour, water, and sometimes eggs. The mixture is rolled into little balls and then steamed in a bamboo basket for about 20 minutes. You can buy steamed dumplings at any … Read more

Gado Gado Indonesian Peanut Sauce Salad

Gado Gado Indonesian Peanut Sauce Salad

There are few nations who have succeeded in leaving a definitive mark at the salad bar. While honorable mentions include Greece’s ellinki salata, an Italy’s insalata Caprese and Thailand’s green papaya salad, our favorite national salad of the week has to be Indonesia’s gado gado. A melee of steamed and fresh vegetables, a mix of … Read more

Ema Datshi Bhutanese Chili Cheese Stew

Ema Datshi Bhutanese Chili Cheese Stew

If, like us, you’re the kind of spice fan who likes to sprinkle tabasco over your habanera peppers, then you’ve found your dream dish in Bhutan’s ema datshi. Basically a curry made from chili peppers and farmer’s cheese, ema datshi can be tweaked for more sensitive palates by switching out the chilis for milder pepper … Read more