Caponata: Cooked Sicilian Aubergines

This is caponata, a classic Sicilian dish of stewed aubergines or eggplant, complete with loads of vegetables, fresh herbs and spices and lovely balance between sweet and sour

This was a cuisine we’ve been really looking forward to exploring. Sure, Sicily is technically part of Italy these days, but the island’s history has endowed it with a culture so unique, so incredible and so distinct from the mainland. In this way, pairing Sicily and Italian together would be quite the misnomer. One area that … Read more

Tabouli: Syrian Parsley & Bulgur Salad

Syrian Tabouli - parsley, cucumber, bulgur, red onion, tomato salad with lemon juice and olive oil

Sure, there are some foods that have become so popular that everyone knows about them. Tabouli certainly qualifies in that category. Even in non-Mediterranean, non-Levantine restaurants around our area, chances are good you can find at least some form of this parsley and bulgur wheat salad on the menu. And yet, despite its ubiquity, it seems … Read more

Laap Muu: Lao Shredded Pork Salad

Laap Muu minced pork with charred eggplant, shallot and garlic

On this pursuit to “cook around the world,” we’ve come into our fair share of fairly confounding ingredients. With a mysterious ingredient called padek, the recipe for a true Laotian laap muu proved to be no exception. Padek? What could padek possibly be?? We eventually found the answer (as you’ll see here), but along the way we … Read more

Som Tam: Thai Papaya Salad

Som Tam: Thai Papaya Salad

We always enjoy exploring the dishes and recipes of Southeast Asian cuisines. From Laos to Thailand to Vietnam (and beyond), each cuisine offers an incredible diversity of taste brought into harmonious balance with one another. Som tam, however, might actually take this “balancing” characteristic one step further, and it all starts in the region from … Read more

Mizeria – Polish Cucumber Salad With Dill and Yogurt

Mizeria served in a plate

It’s always fun to find recipes with ironic and sometimes bizarre names. When we do, the backstory to the name is almost as intriguing as the recipe itself. Mizeria certainly counts as one of those recipes. Backstory to the Mizeria Name When translating into English, mizeria can embody several concepts, none of which are at all flattering. Mizeria, … Read more

Poisson Cru: Tahitian Raw Tuna Ceviche with Coconut Milk

Poisson Cru: Tahitian Raw Tuna Ceviche with Coconut Milk

What is poisson cru? Poisson cru is a dish made from fresh or canned coconut milk. The recipe is simple and easy to follow, and it takes more time to make than most dishes, but the results are worth it. Poisson cru is a French dish made from fresh or canned coconut milk. What are … Read more