What to Serve with Chicken Piccata: Perfect Pairings for Chicken Piccata Sides

Imagine this: you’ve just seared the perfect chicken piccata to a golden hue, its aroma mingling with the zesty scent of lemons and the sharp tang of capers. Your gourmet cooking prowess is about to catapult your dinner into the stratosphere of taste.

But then, a vexing question looms – what to serve on the side? Take heart, savvy chef, for this guide on the best side dishes to elevate your meal pairing is akin to finding treasure. Dive in and let the symphony of flavors turn your ordinary meal into a culinary concerto!

Key Takeaways

  • Curating side dishes that complement the lemony kick and buttery undertones of chicken piccata is paramount to a balanced gourmet experience.
  • Choosing sides isn’t just about taste – it’s a strategic move to elevate your meal from everyday eating to a fine dining affair.
  • Pairing your chicken piccata with the right side dish enhances flavors and adds a visual appeal to your plate.
  • From garden-fresh veggies to luxurious carbs, the best side dishes provide a contrast that’s as bold as it is thoughtful.
  • Let this guide be your gastronomic compass, leading you to side dish selections that will have your guests raving long after the last bite.

Intro to Chicken Piccata

Imagine the classic Italian cuisine that has danced its way onto dinner tables around the world—Chicken Piccata. Before diving into the succulent world of side dishes, let’s explore the storied origins and sumptuous flavors that make this dish a true culinary masterpiece.

The Origins and Flavors of Chicken Piccata

Brought to life in the heart of Italy, Chicken Piccata is a celebration of simplicity and elegance. Picture tender chicken breast, lightly breaded and sauteed in butter, till the golden crust whispers tales of perfect crispiness.

The hero of this dish is the caper-infused zesty sauce, where the sharp briny notes of the capers mingle with the bright acidity of lemons, creating a harmony of complementing flavors that elevate the taste buds.

Chicken Piccata with Lemon and Grilled Asparagus plate on a table

Your cooking adventure cannot be fulfilled without mentioning the sublime act of sauteing in butter, a technique that not only enhances the chicken breast to a golden delight but also sets the stage for a sauce that’s charismatic in its tanginess and bold in its simplicity.

Why Side Dishes Matter

While the Chicken Piccata sings the high notes, the chorus of side dishes creates a symphony that can enhance your meal and the dining experience. The art of pairing is akin to choosing the right shoes for an evening gown; it’s all about balance and beauty.

Side dishes are the unsung heroes, poised to enhance the main, adding variety, texture, and color to your plate. So you see, the sides are much more than mere accompaniments—they’re the cast that supports the star, ensuring that your meal is a performance to remember.

Stay tuned, as we’ll guide you through selecting side dishes that match the ambiance of your kitchen and the laughter of your dining room. Get ready for an epicurean journey that promises to make your favorite Chicken Piccata even more memorable.

Ideal Wine Pairings for Chicken Piccata

Imagine your chicken piccata—that delightful dish with its capers and zest—sitting pretty on your plate. Now, think about what glass of wine you’d have gleaming beside it. If you’re drawing a blank, let’s set the scene for your dinner experience with a splash of enlightenment on the subject of wine pairings.

Sauvignon Blanc wine bottle with variety of dishes on a table

Sensible yet sophisticated, dry white wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are not just your wingman for this lemony delight—they are the soulmates.

Why these wines, you ask? Their crisp acidity is like a high-five to the bright lemon flavors of chicken piccata, taking your taste buds on a culinary tango. And here’s a quick tip: veer away from those sweeter temptations like Moscato that clash with the zesty profile of the dish.

Sauvignon BlancPinot Grigio
  • Herbaceous notes
  • High acidity
  • Lime, green apple, passion fruit
  • Mineral and crisp
  • Medium acidity
  • Lemon, white nectarine, pear

Both offer a palate-refreshing clean finish that elevates your dinner experience.

So, cheers to you and your soon-to-be more fabulous dinner ensemble—no longer will the chicken dance solo on your taste buds. Now go on, pour that glass and let the symphony of flavors begin!

What to Serve with Chicken Piccata

Deciding on the perfect complement to your chicken piccata can feel like an Olympic sport, what with all the balancing of flavors and textures. But don’t you worry—step off the balance beam and into the kitchen. Your dinner is about to get the golden sidekicks it deserves.

Lemon Risotto with Mascarpone

Think of Lemon Risotto, and your taste buds might just pirouette with delight. This creamy side dish is no mere afterthought; it’s a show-stealer that brings to the table a velvety texture achieved by a rich blend of Mascarpone and Parmesan cheese, harmonizing gloriously with chicken piccata’s own zest.

Creamy Lemon Risotto with Mascarpone, served with a spoon on the table

And guess what? It doubles as a starry-eyed vegetarian entrée that stands tall on its own. Confession: the combination might make you question all your past culinary life choices. It’s that good.

Garlic and Oil Pasta – Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

If you believe beauty lies in simplicity, then Garlic and Oil Pasta is the stunner you’re looking for. The legendary Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, with its folklore of a mere five ingredients, is a true reflection of a traditional Italian recipe.

It’s the humble yet bold character in this play of taste, mingling with the more refined chicken piccata without outshining it. Aromatic garlic golden-fried in high-quality olive oil, tossed with perfectly al dente spaghetti, is something even an Italian nonna would nod in approval at. Because sometimes, the simple ingredients have the loudest say at the dinner table.

Still pondering over what to lay on the side of that beautifully cooked chicken piccata? Whether you’re donning the gastronome’s hat or just looking to add a little extra oomph to your meal, these two choices are your ticket to an unforgettable feast. Now, it’s time to cook – your culinary adventure awaits.

Healthy Greens as Complements

Say goodbye to mundane sides and hello to verdant plates of health! Amp up your chicken piccata with sides that aren’t just nutritious—they’re bursting with flavor and character. Ever thought your trusty chicken dish could use a zesty companion? Let’s introduce some greens that will make your meal pop with freshness.

Arugula Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette

Imagine a handful of crisp, peppery arugula leaves, each bite releasing fresh, tangy bursts that dance perfectly with the rich lemony capers of chicken piccata.

Arugula Salad with Lemon on table

Toss them lightly in a homemade red wine vinaigrette, and every forkful balances the umami heaviness with a touch of vibrant acidity. Arugula Salad isn’t just a plate of greens; it’s a refreshing adventure for your palate!

Sauteed Spinach with Garlic

But wait, there’s more to greens than just salads! Bring out the garlic, the olive oil, and the baby spinach—it’s time for a quick sauté. This isn’t your average nutritious side dish; it’s a flavor-packed powerhouse. The garlic infuses the olive oil with a warmth that turns the tender vibrant leaves of baby spinach into a comfort food.

Sautéed Spinach with Garlic is simple, yet so rich in flavors, it’ll be hard to resist a second serving. It’s not just good for you; it’s an aromatic delight that will have all your guests asking for the recipe. Behold, a side dish that enhances without stealing the spotlight.

Crisp and Crunchy Side Salads

Ready to give your chicken piccata some fresh, flavorful company? Look no further than these delightful crunchy sides that will make your taste buds dance with excitement. Not only do they bring a light salad option to the table, but their zestful dressings and will add an enchanting touch to your plate.

Shaved Fennel Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Begin with a Shaved Fennel Salad, a portrait of culinary simplicity, yet brimming with a crunchy texture that’s hard to resist. Dressed in a tangy lemon vinaigrette, this healthy salad becomes the perfect prelude to the rich and savory notes of your main course. Its refreshing qualities aren’t just a palate cleanser; they’re an outright palate revivalist.

Italian Radicchio Salad with Creamy Lemon-Vinaigrette

Then, there’s the Italian Radicchio Salad, a robust choice for those who dare to venture into bolder territory. Coated in a creamy lemon-vinaigrette and embellished with shavings of parmesan cheese, it transforms the salad course into an act of dining sophistication.

Italian Radicchio Salad bowl on table

This nutritious salad offers a tasteful balance to the heartiness of chicken piccata, ensuring a dining experience where every forkful is met with anticipation.

Whichever side salad you choose, rest assured, your meal is now not just a consumption but a conversation—a lively discussion of textures and flavors, where each crunchy bite speaks to the thoughtfulness of your meal preparation. Now go ahead, impress your guests, and satisfy your craving for something divinely crispy and utterly delicious.

Grains and Rice For a Balanced Meal

Imagine the gentle fragrant steam swirling from a plate of Lemon Garlic Herb Rice, a dish so divine that your palate starts to dance in anticipation. Now, envision the majesty of Instant Pot Artichokes, a mound of green marvels tenderly cooked to perfection.

In this section, we’ll dive into these wholesome grains and a nutritious side that complement your chicken piccata with zestful flavor and texture contrast.

Lemon Garlic Herb Rice

You’ve hit the jackpot with this one! Lemon Garlic Herb Rice is the harmony of zest meeting herbs, a divine blend that offers a refreshing sidekick to your saucy chicken piccata.

The secret? Basmati rice, with its nutty essence and delicately fluffy grains, transforms this side into a wholesome gastronomic delight that rouses the senses and elevates your dish from great to “Can I have some more?” levels of amazing. Get ready for your taste buds to sing!

Refreshing Instant Pot Artichokes

Switch up the grain game with Instant Pot Artichokes. Possibly the easiest, most flavorful artichokes you’ll ever make, thanks to the wondrous electric pressure cooker. These nutritious sides make for a jaw-droppingly simple yet sublime pairing for the lemon-laden chicken. What’s the outcome? Flavorful artichokes so good, they might just steal the show.

Close-up of beautifully arranged and cooked artichokes on a pot
Side DishDescriptionBest Paired With
Lemon Garlic Herb RiceAromatic basmati rice infused with lemon, garlic, and herbs for a zestful flavor experience.Chicken Piccata
Instant Pot ArtichokesArtichokes cooked effortlessly in an electric pressure cooker for a soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture.Wholesome grains or on their own

Vegetables with a Twist

You’ve mastered chicken piccata, but what about the sidekicks that share the spotlight? Prepare to turn the humble greens into showstoppers. Cast aside the notion of boiled-to-death veggies, and let’s bring out the culinary big guns: your air fryer and sous vide cooker.

Embrace the trend of healthful indulgence with Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts doused in a vibrant balsamic glaze and discover how Perfect Asparagus, with help from the sous vide method, becomes a decadent treat for your predilection flavors.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Glaze

These aren’t your grandmother’s Brussels sprouts. Tossed in a dash of oil and roasted until they reach peak crispy vegetables status, these Brussels sprouts glimmer with a balsamic glaze that’ll have you rethinking your green’s potential. The air fryer—your culinary sidekick—ensures each leaf is as crispy as you dare to dream.

Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Glaze on table

Sous Vide Perfect Asparagus

Imagine tender spears of asparagus, each one cooked to such precision that you’d think they’ve been plucked straight from a chef’s dream. The sous vide method is like that meticulous friend who never misses a detail: it ensures the asparagus is cooked with exactitude, melding your favorite flavors—be it garlic, lemon, or parmesan—into every fiber.

Air Fryer Brussels SproutsSous Vide Asparagus
Crispy on the outside, tender on the insideUniformly tender texture throughout
Requires minimal oil for a healthier optionEnhances natural flavors without additional fats
Quick and easy preparationPerfectly seasons with a longer, slow cook
Delectable with balsamic glazeInfused with your choice of predilection flavors

Comforting Potatoes and Legumes

When you’re leaning into a meal that’s all warm hugs and happy bellies, you won’t find a more suitable pair for your chicken piccata than the creamy decadence of mashed potatoes coupled with the rustic charm of Italian white beans.

Allow your fork to glide through the velvety mash, a blend that sings with the addition of sour cream. And let’s not overlook the earthy elegance brought to the table by slow-cooked legumes. Each bite is a whisper of the Mediterranean, with sage and olive oil seducing the palate—comfort food at its finest.

Hearty Mashed Potatoes and Italian White Beans and Coriander

Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream

It’s a dance of smooth and enticing–mashed potatoes whipped to perfection with a dollop of sour cream. The kind of hearty side dish that elevates a simple meal to an indulgent feast. Imagine each spoonful, buttery, tangy, and just light enough to leave room for yet another delightful scoop.

Trust the magic of the stand mixer to marry the ingredients into something that’s more than just a side—it’s a culinary embrace.

Italian White Beans Slow-Cooked with Sage

As for those Italian White Beans, slow-cooked with the wisdom of the ages? They take their time, bathing in the aromatic embrace of sage and garlic, only to emerge as a comfort food marvel, firm to the bite yet tender in spirit.

Drizzle them with your finest olive oil, pile them onto that golden crostini, and await the applause for a simple, yet transformative side dish. Savor the humble legume’s ascent to aristocracy at your dining table.

  1. Choose high-starch potatoes for the fluffiest mash.
  2. Incorporate room-temperature sour cream for a silkier texture.
  3. Cook white beans slowly to maintain their structure and enhance flavor infusion.
  4. Fresh sage leaves over dried can significantly elevate the dish’s aroma.
IngredientMashed PotatoesItalian White Beans
Main BasePotatoesWhite Beans
CreaminessSour CreamOlive Oil
HerbOptional (chives/parsley)Sage
PreparationWhipped in stand mixerSlow-cooked with garlic
Serving SuggestionAs a sideDrizzled in oil on crostini

Unique Side Dishes to Impress

Welcome to the culinary journey where you up your side dish game. Dazzle your friends and family with plates that are as unconventional as they are delicious. Allow me to introduce your new dinner heroes that dare to be different and definitely do not disappoint.

Grilled Broccolini with Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Imagine a symphony of flavors with Grilled Broccolini, elevated by a zesty apple cider vinaigrette and garnished with the royal crunch of Marcona almonds. This dish isn’t just a side; it’s a conversation starter. Here’s how you can whip up this vibrancy on a plate:

  1. Light up the grill and give the broccolini a quick char for that irresistible smoky taste.
  2. Whisk together the robust apple cider vinaigrette, tailored to tease out the broccolini’s natural flavors.
  3. Finish with a generous scatter of Marcona almonds for that delightful crunch.
Grilled Broccolini with Apple Cider Vinaigrette on pan
Broccolini1 bunchStar of the show
Apple cider vinaigrette3 tablespoonsFlavor enhancer
Marcona almonds1/4 cupCrunchy nuts

Roasted Sunchokes with Garlic and Thyme

Step away from the ordinary and bask in the earthiness of Roasted Sunchokes, those knobby root vegetables that deserve a spotlight. Paired with garlic and thyme, roasted in olive oil, these tubers transform into a versatile side with a nutty and satisfying flavor profile. Here’s what to do:

  • Preheat your oven and toss the sunchokes with olive oil, fresh thyme, and minced garlic.
  • Roast to golden perfection, releasing the natural sugars and sublime flavors.
  • Serve them up hot, watch the surprise unfold, and take all the credit!

Bright, Fresh Salads and Slaws

When it comes to finding the perfect side to your chicken piccata, you’ll want something that’s going to complement and not compete with its zesty flavors. Luckily, the fresh, bold profiles of the Kale Caesar Salad, equipped with homemade croutons, and the Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad, are about to become your dinner’s best friends.

Kale Caesar Salad on a plate

Kale Caesar Salad with Crunchy Croutons

Let’s talk about a classic reimagined – the Kale Caesar Salad. This isn’t just your ordinary Caesar; it’s a fusion of nutritious greens and a creamy garlic dressing that hugs each leaf with its robust flavor.

Dive into the art of creating homemade croutons that add that essential crunch and elevate your salad game to new heights. They’re crispy, they’re golden, and yes, they’re homemade because you’re all about that chef’s touch.

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Apples & Pecans

If you’re in the mood for something that shouts ‘crunchy side’ while mingling sweetness with a healthy attitude, the Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad will not disappoint.

Combine the earthy texture of sprouts with the crispness of apples, the buttery crunch from pecans, all brought together by a light maple vinaigrette – this salad is seriously good eats. It’s that slaw-style contrast that your palate was craving, and it’s here to deliver satisfaction.

Whether you’re a salad lover or just looking for that perfect accompaniment to your meal, these salads with their bright dressings and unique texture contrasts are designed to pair impeccably with the succulent flavors of chicken piccata – or any main, for that matter. What’s not to love about a side that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the fork?


With all the savory side dish recipes you’ve gathered, dinner party planning for that special evening featuring chicken piccata just got easier. Imagine the sighs of satisfaction as your guests indulge in the perfect pairings you’ve so cleverly chosen. Whether you focus on healthy options or the more decadent sides, your menu is sure to dazzle with variety and flavor.

Planning Ahead for the Perfect Dinner Party

Let’s not forget the art of preparation – those make-ahead dishes are your secret weapon for a flawless event. Heeding the storing instructions is vital, offering you a merciful reprieve from the last-minute hustle.

Your meticulously timed execution will have your dinner unfold like a symphony, each course an ode to perfection with those sumptuous sides gloriously complementing your star dish.

Healthy and Decadent Alternatives

Your feast is not just about sheer indulgence; it’s a harmonious blend of rich, creamy textures and nutritious freshness. Suiting dietary preferences becomes a breeze with meal customization tips up your sleeve. From vibrant greens to lush risottos, the choice is yours, ensuring everyone leaves the table both content and impressed by your culinary finesse.


What are the best side dishes to serve with chicken piccata?

The best side dishes for chicken piccata include Lemon Risotto with Mascarpone for a creamy compliment, light and crunchy salads like Arugula Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette, and grains such as Lemon Garlic Herb Rice for zestful flavor. Grilled Broccolini or Roasted Sunchokes can add an impressive touch.

Can you explain the origins and flavors of Chicken Piccata?

Chicken piccata is a classic Italian dish that features breaded chicken breast sauteed in butter and adorned with a tangy sauce of capers and lemons. Its elegance and simplicity offer a versatile taste that’s both comforting and sophisticated.

Why are side dishes important when serving chicken piccata?

Side dishes enhance the overall dining experience by complementing the main dish’s flavors and adding variety and nutrition. They help to create a balanced and fulfilling meal, making your chicken piccata a gastronomic delight.

What wine pairings work best with chicken piccata?

Light and citrusy wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio make excellent pairings for chicken piccata. Their crisp acidity complements the bright lemon flavors of the dish, while sweet wines might not marry as well with the zesty profile.

Is there a vegetarian option that pairs well with chicken piccata?

Lemon Risotto with Mascarpone is not only a luxurious side dish but also can serve as a fitting vegetarian entrée that complements the tangy flavor profile of chicken piccata.

What traditional Italian recipe can I serve as a side dish for chicken piccata?

Garlic and Oil Pasta, or Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, is a traditional Italian side dish that pairs excellently with chicken piccata. It is simple to prepare and adds a flavorful aromatic dimension to your meal.

What are some nutritious greens I can serve with chicken piccata?

Nutritious greens like Arugula Salad, dressed with red wine vinaigrette, and Sauteed Spinach with Garlic are excellent choices for adding a peppery or healthful boost to your chicken piccata meal.

Can you suggest some crisp and crunchy side salads for chicken piccata?

Shaved Fennel Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette and Italian Radicchio Salad tossed in a creamy lemon-vinaigrette are superb options. These salads provide light and crunchy textures to complement the richness of chicken piccata.

What grains and rice can balance out a chicken piccata meal?

Lemon Garlic Herb Rice provides a zestful compliment, while basmati rice offers a nutty, fluffy texture. Additionally, Refreshing Instant Pot (on Amazon) Artichokes can serve as a flavorful grain alternative.

What vegetables can I serve with a twist?

Serve Roasted Brussels Sprouts with a balsamic glaze or opt for Sous Vide Perfect Asparagus. These vegetables offer a delightful twist on traditional sides with their unique textures and flavors.

Are there any comforting potatoes or legumes that pair well with chicken piccata?

Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream are a rich and comforting option, while slow-cooked Italian White Beans with sage offer a satisfying legume choice that counters the acidity of the dish.

Can you provide some unique side dishes to impress dinner guests?

Certainly! Grilled Broccolini with Apple Cider Vinaigrette and crunchy Marcona almonds or Roasted Sunchokes prepared with garlic and thyme can impress your guests with their distinctive taste and presentation.

What are some bright, fresh salads and slaws for chicken piccata?

Kale Caesar Salad with homemade crunchy croutons and Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with apples and pecans in a light maple vinaigrette make for fresh, crunch-filled accompaniments that enhance the lemony zest of chicken piccata.

How can I plan ahead to ensure a stress-free dinner party with chicken piccata?

Most side dishes can be prepared in advance. Follow individual recipes for make-ahead tips and storing instructions to time your dinner party perfectly, making sure each dish is served at its best.

What healthy and decadent alternatives are there for those with dietary preferences?

For a healthier approach, opt for nutritious options like greens and steamed vegetables. If you’re indulging, choose decadent sides like creamy risotto or mashed potatoes with sour cream to satisfy your preferences alongside chicken piccata.