What to Serve with Chicken Pot Pie: Best Sides for Chicken Pot Pie – Top Pairings

Think you’ve got your comfort food game down pat with the quintessential chicken pot pie? Well, hold onto your forks, because this beloved classic can soar to new heights with the right sidekicks on your plate.

Yes, we’re talking about those chicken pot pie side dishes that flirt with perfection, turning your cozy meal into a gastronomic celebration. Who knew the humble pot pie had friends this fancy, right?

Let’s dish out some serious pairings that will have your taste buds waltzing around the dining table. Imagine the harmony of Italian-flavored sautéed zucchini mingling with the creamy heart of your pot pie, or the allure of a zesty German potato salad turning the comfort dial up a notch.

We’re here to help you elevate your comfort food game with sides that aren’t just the opening act — they’re co-headliners.

So, preheat your expectations and let’s bake up a feast that’ll be the envy of pot pies everywhere. Oh, and bring your appetite, because we’re about to plate up the perfect companions for chicken pot pie that might just steal the show. Don your culinary cap, it’s time to transform your next pot pie into a full-blown bash.

Key Takeaways

  • Italian-inspired sides can jive with the indulgent nature of chicken pot pie.
  • German potato salad brings a tangy twist to the comfort food table.
  • Fancy up your meal with glazed carrots or balsamic-infused Brussels sprouts.
  • Elevate your pot pie with sides that add a burst of vibrant color and flavor.
  • Instant pot and air fryer sides offer convenience without skimping on deliciousness.
  • Remember, the best side dishes are the ones that elevate your pot pie to a celebratory feast.

Introducing Ideal Complements to Your Chicken Pot Pie

Imagine you’ve just pulled a golden, flaky chicken pot pie from the oven. Its aroma is inviting, but you ask yourself, “How can I take this from good to great?” That’s when you think about chicken pot pie accompaniments.

Chicken pot pie on a glass plate, set on a table with a towel

Enhancing pot pie meals is your next culinary quest. It’s not just about adding more food to the plate; it’s about complementing the rich flavors and adding a contrasting note to make every bite more exciting. Fresh and nutritious sides are your allies. Let’s be savvy about the sides we introduce to our beloved pot pie.

  • Instant pot artichokes offer a tender contrast that balances the creamy filling.
  • A crisp, peppery arugula salad wakes up the palate, so every forkful feels like the first.
  • For a smoky twist, blistered shishito peppers add unexpected fireworks to your taste buds.
  • A tender kale caesar salad introduces tanginess that plays well with the savory pie.
  • And then there’s the shave fennel salad, where a light lemon vinaigrette dances on your taste buds.

These ideal pot pie complements bring out the texture and taste that lie beneath that buttery crust. Consider this table of contrasting pairings:

Pot Pie ComplementTextureTaste
Instant Pot ArtichokesTender and SatisfyingMild with a Touch of Sweetness
Arugula SaladLight and CrispPeppery with a Zesty Bite
Blistered Shishito PeppersCharred and SmokyA Signatory Spicy Kick
Kale Caesar SaladCrunchy and LeafyCreamy with a Tangy Hint
Shave Fennel SaladCrisp and SlenderFresh with a Citrus Undertone

The secret lies in the synergy of the side dish ensemble you curate. Opt for these ideal pot pie complements to create a meal that excites and satisfies, ensuring your chicken pot pie is not just eaten, but truly savored.

What to Serve with Chicken Pot Pie

While the wholesome allure of a chicken pot pie is a culinary delight in itself, the true magic happens when it’s paired with the perfect side. Let’s embark on a palate-pleasing journey of the most harmonious accompaniments that promise to elevate your comfort food staple to levels of unfathomable deliciousness.

Vegetable Symphonies: Roasted and Refreshing Sides

Embarking on the quest for the ultimate chicken pot pie vegetable pairings? Your search ends with the high notes of roasted vegetables.

The nutty sweetness of roasted miso cauliflower serenading your taste buds, followed by the burst of flavor from Kung Pao Brussels sprouts. And for a taste of fall, imagine the rich notes of grilled broccolini with apple cider vinaigrette harmonizing with the depths of your savory pot pie.

Mixed Roasted Vegetables

These refreshing vegetable sides not only weave a symphony of flavors but are also a spectacle for the eyes. Behold the splash of color and taste that will gracefully dance alongside your main course, ensuring a meal that resonates long after the last bite.

Potato Paradigms: Mashes and Beyond

Ah, potatoes—a timeless classic. But we’re not settling for the status quo here. Elevate the experience with inventive potato sides like goat cheese mashed potatoes, where every forkful is a luxury. Picture the fluffy cloud of creamy mashed potatoes, or if you fancy a hint of sweetness, imagine the *caramelized charm* of mashed sweet potatoes.

Perhaps it appeals to your inner gourmet to offer Duchess potatoes, standing proudly with their crowning peaks of cheesy goodness. Or maybe it’s the rustic allure of smashed potatoes draped in the zesty Mojo sauce that speaks to your soul. With these potatoes, your chicken pot pie has found its soulmate.

Crisp Salads with Tangy Dressings: The Perfect Contrast

Still yearning for more? To slice through the richness of your pie, present a platter of crisp green salads—a perfect companion to the creamy filling. Envision a shave of fennel tossed with arugula, the peppery [fresh salad companions] boldly clashing with the zesty sparkle of a red wine vinaigrette.

Or maybe a Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad vibrant with life, promising to refresh and invigorate. Never underestimate the power of tangy salad dressings—a squeeze of lemon here or a dash of vinegar there can transform a simple leafy ensemble into a side dish for the gods.

The next time you serve up that steaming pie, let a refreshing salad stand by its side, offering the lightness in every bite that your heart (and stomach) desires.

And there you have it, each dish an ensemble player awaiting its cue to step into the limelight. Let these sides play their part and watch as your chicken pot pie takes center stage in a performance that’s sure to receive a standing ovation. Bon Appétit!

Culinary Tips for Perfect Pot Pie Pairings

When you’re looking to transcend the typical dinner and truly delight your taste buds, mastering the art of culinary pairing with a classic chicken pot pie is the way to go. But how do you go about this without dulling the sparkle of your star dish?

Fear not, for here you’ll find the culinary pairing tips, chicken pot pie cooking advice, and pot pie side dish ideas that will have your guests heralding you as the culinary sage of comfort food.

Chicken Pot Pie on the table in front of vegetables

Let’s dive into the flavors. The pot pie is like an opera of the palate—rich, creamy, and bursting with savory notes. The secret to the perfect pairing? Balance. With that in mind, a bit of tangy sweetness in the form of German potato salad does wonders.

Imagine the symphony of flavors where the smooth melody of bacon-mustard vinaigrette meets the hearty chorus of the pie. Or perhaps the crispy lift of air fryer zucchini fries, gleaming with a lemon tarragon aioli, stepping in with high notes against the comfort food’s bass.

Here’s where the cook meets the craft :

  • Roast those Brussels sprouts in an air fryer for that crispy exterior with minimal oil guilt.
  • Boil that corn on the cob to juicy perfection—simple, sweet, and nostalgic.

You’re managing a dinner, not a circus, so why not prepare some dishes ahead of time? Use your instant pot or air fryer to keep sides warm, freeing you up to work your magic—or enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail while you’re at it.

Side DishPreparation MethodFlavor Profile
German Potato SaladBoiled Potatoes with Bacon-Mustard VinaigretteTangy and Sweet with a Savory Edge
Air Fryer Zucchini FriesLightly Battered and CrispFresh and Citrusy with Herbal Notes
Roasted Brussels SproutsAir FryerEarthy and Nutty with a Crispy Coat
Boiled Corn on the CobBoiled till TenderSweet and Buttery, Classic Comfort

In essence, your kitchen is the stage, and these pairings are your performers, ready to sing in harmony with your chicken pot pie. So go ahead, create that culinary chorus, and watch as every guest finds their favorite notes within your comfort food symphony. Happy pairing!

Delightful Duos: Veggies and Starches That Wow

When it comes to crafting an unforgettable meal, your side dishes should be anything but an afterthought. Considering colorful roasted veggies and alternative potato dishes, let’s dive into how you can turn hearty side dishes into the star of your dinner table.

Colorful Roasted Vegetables That Steal the Show

If you’ve ever found your gaze lingering on the vibrant colors of oven-roasted vegetable pairings as they elegantly sit beside a chicken pot pie, you know these aren’t just sides—they’re show-stealing side dishes.

Imagine the rich plum shades of roasted beets or the bright, sunny yellows of summer squash decorating your plate. The next time you’re planning your menu, remember these mouthwatering duos:

Roasted vegetables in a plate placed on the table
  • Blistered shishito peppers that pop with their mottled green and charred exterior.
  • Rosy-hued roasted sunchokes that balance earthiness and sweetness on your palate.
  • The transformative golden glimmer of miso-cauliflower, taking a simple cruciferous veggie to buttery, umami-rich heights.
  • Smashed Brussels sprouts crowned with a drizzle of lemon tahini sauce, adding a satisfying crispy texture to your meal.

The beauty of these ingredients is that they can all be prepared ahead of time, ensuring that when your main dish is ready to be served, these accompaniments do more than just complement—they captivate.

Alternative Potato Sides for a Hearty Meal

Away from the well-trodden path of mashed potatoes lie regions unexplored by many—a realm of potato pairing options waiting to elevate your pot pie’s sidekick status to co-star. Feast your eyes on these hearty and original twists:

DishCharacteristicFlavor Profile
Duchess PotatoesElegance with a crispy exterior and a creamy heartRich with a hint of nutmeg and often topped with Parmesan
Smashed Potatoes with Mojo SauceCrispy on the outside, fluffy on the insideVibrant with garlic and citrus notes
Instant Pot Sweet PotatoesSofter texture, rich in flavorSweet and warming, often finished with a sprinkle of cinnamon
Grilled Potato SaladSmoky, with that grilled charmA tangy kick from a mustard dressing, balanced with fresh herbs

Now you see, don’t you? There’s an entire gastronomic galaxy of colorful roasted veggies and hearty side dishes waiting to invigorate your senses and impress your guests. So why settle when you can celebrate each element on your plate—especially when it comes to potato pairing options?

Creating a Balanced Plate: Pairing Pot Pie with Lighter Sides

When your heart yearns for the comfort of a chicken pot pie but your body begs for something light, don’t fret. There’s an art to creating a balanced plate that caters to both needs—indulgence without the guilt. Turn to the vibrant world of homemade slaw recipes and wholesome whole grains for that symphony of light yet satisfying accompaniments.

Homemade Slaws: Classic and Creative Concoctions

Considering slaw is one of those light side dishes that can be both simple and sophisticated, one bite can transport you to a world of flavors. From a backyard barbecue to a gourmet gathering, there’s a slaw for every occasion. You’ll be the culinary maestro with these creative slaw pairings that please the palate and lighten the load.

Homemade slaws bowl on a table
  • Apple Celery Root Slaw with the fiery touch of jalapeno and the freshness of cilantro balances the richness of pot pie with a crisp zing.
  • A Hawaiian-inspired slaw with ginger-soy lime vinaigrette adds a tropical tang that melds wonderfully with the warmth of the pie.
  • Keep things refreshingly cool with a Tomato Cucumber Salad adorned with a homemade tangy red wine vinaigrette.

Wholesome Whole Grains for a Hearty Companion

If your soul is seeking heartiness but your health calls for caution, let’s talk grains. The myriad of nutritious grain dishes can offer a fulfilling complement to your indulgent pot pie. These are not just sides; these are conversation starters. Be it potluck or dinner for two, these hearty grain sides are here to elevate your main.

Grain DishKey IngredientsFlavor Notes
Couscous Corn SaladPearl couscous, grilled corn, creamy cumin-lime dressingSmoky zest meets creamy sophistication
Fennel and Chickpea SaladCrunchy fennel, hearty chickpeas, shaved parmesanAn herby bite with a nutty whisper
Red Cabbage SlawCrunchy red cabbage, tangy vinaigretteColorful crunch with a zestful character

So there you have it, your guide to the ultimate duo—your beloved chicken pot pie paired with sides that speak of carefree indulgence. So why wait? Splash some color and cast a spell of flavors on your dinner table tonight.

Absolute Must-Try Side Dishes for Chicken Pot Pie

When your chicken pot pie emerges from the oven with its golden crust, don’t you dare stop there! It’s time to elevate your meal with some essential chicken pot pie pairings guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. What’s on the menu?

 Chicken pot pie with fork on a table

Oh, just a few of the best pot pie sides that will have everyone clamoring for seconds. Prepare your plate for a parade of the most must-try side dishes that are anything but ordinary.

  • Roasted Delicata Squash: This crescent-moon shaped gourd isn’t just a pretty face on your autumn table. Its tender, edible skin hides a buttery flesh that’s tailor-made for a drizzle of sweet maple syrup. It’s the sort of side that makes your pot pie sit up and say, “Where have you been all my life?”
  • Oven-Roasted Mexican Carrots: Channel your inner street vendor with this zesty twist on an orange veggie classic. Glazed in a tangy sauce and dusted with chili powder, these carrots bring the spirited fiesta right to your pot pie party, no passport required.
  • Smashed Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Tahini Sauce: Imagine each bite as a mini explosion of crispy leaves and tender hearts, dressed in a lemony tahini that’s oh so delightful. These aren’t your grandma’s Brussels sprouts; these are what your grandma’s Brussels sprouts dream of becoming.

And there’s one more trick up our sleeve:

Side DishDescription
Glazed CarrotsCarrots so shiny, you’ll need sunglasses. But it’s not just about looks—these carrots are simmered with a touch of honey and a sprinkle of fresh herbs, creating a side dish born to shine next to your comforting pot pie.

So don’t let your chicken pot pie fly solo. Pair it up with these sensational sides for a meal that’s nothing short of epic. Trust us, your fork will thank you.

Spatial Flair: Regional Inspirations for Pot Pie Sides

Are you craving that cozy feeling that only comfort food can provide, but wanna bring some regional flair to the table? Look no further than the humble sides of the South and the breezy complements from the coast to turn your chicken pot pie into a cross-country culinary journey.

Feel the down-home comfort with Southern inspired sides and dive into coastal pairings for a seaside symphony that’ll jazz up your pot pie night!

Varieties of Pot Pies, Vegetables, Sauces with spoons on the table

Southern Specialties: Comfort on a Plate

Oh, the splendor of Southern cuisine – it’s like a warm hug on a plate! Transform your chicken pot pie side game with dishes dripping in homey nostalgia. Think crispy hash browns sizzled to a golden-brown delight, or southern charm in a dish with creamy mashed sweet potatoes mixed with a hint of maple syrup.

And who could forget that German potato salad, its bacon-imbued dressing a guaranteed way to woo your taste buds?

Coastal Delights: Fresh Ideas for Pairing

Meanwhile, seaside-inspired side dishes are the zesty twist to your cozy pot pie. Imagine the exhilaration of grilled cabbage steaks under a tantalizing sprinkle of Parmesan and barbecue gusto, giving you all the feels of a beachside barbeque without the sandy toes.

And, let’s sail away with a fruit salad that’ll have you dreaming of melon balls bobbing alongside berries in a sea of sweet, sweet summer dreams.

Down-Home PairingsFresh Pot Pie Complements
Creamy Mashed Sweet PotatoesGrilled Cabbage Steaks with Parmesan
Bacon-Laced German Potato SaladFresh Seasonal Fruit Salad
Sautéed Cabbage with SpicesMediterranean Roasted Eggplant Bruschetta

Whether you’re leaning towards Southern comfort food side dishes or aiming for a lighter, coastal-inspired complement, the right sides bring more than just added flavor – they tell a story. The tale could be one of a Southern grandma’s kitchen wisdom or of an afternoon spent in a seaside caffè. So, gather ’round the table, because with these pairings, every bite is a journey!

Maximizing Flavor: What Drinks to Serve with Chicken Pot Pie

As you dig into that steaming pocket of comfort known as chicken pot pie, you might find yourself pondering over the perfect sip to complement its hearty goodness. The goal here is to balance rich flavors with complementary beverages that’ll elevate your meal from simply satisfying to downright delightful.

Beverages that Balance Out the Richness

Think of an unsweetened iced tea, its crispness acting as a palate cleanser after each rich and creamy bite of pot pie. Or perhaps the fruity twist of a homemade lemonade, which promises a sweetly tart dance on your taste buds, offering a refreshing respite that prepares you for the next forkful.

Complementary Beverages for Chicken Pot Pie

You may choose to end your meal on a sweet note with a fruit salad imbued with honey—double dipping as a Sweet dessert that doubles as a drink pairing.

Wines and Brews: Pairing Alcohol with Your Pot Pie

Moving on to the realm of alcohol and pot pie pairing, a glass of the right wine can transform your cozy meal into a fine dining experience. Imagine a delicate, light-bodied Chardonnay whose buttery notes sing alongside your pot pie without stealing the show.

On the hops side of things, a beer accompaniment such as a crisp lager can add a fizzy contrast, snipping through the richness like a refreshing breeze through a warm kitchen.

A wine pairing with chicken pot pie isn’t just a choice; it’s an art. Decide between a dry Riesling to contrast the savory, or perhaps a Viognier for something with a bit more body.

And for you, the beer aficionado, why not delve into a robust ale or a dry stout to make those rich flavors pop? Indeed, the art of the drink pairing is one sure-fire way to raise the stakes (or steaks, if you’re into pot pie puns) of your meal.

How to Personalize Your Pot Pie Party Spread

Imagine you’re throwing the ultimate pot pie party: the centerpiece is a golden, flaky masterpiece just waiting to be devoured. But wait, the magic isn’t solely in the pot pie itself—it’s also in personalizing pot pie sides to suit the kaleidoscope of preferences at your table.

As the host with the most, you know that customizing meal spreads is key to culinary kudos. So, how do you create that perfect ensemble where every guest feels considered?

First, consider options that speak to the vegetarians and vegans among you, such as a hearty tray of roasted sweet potatoes. And for the health-conscious, offer a refreshing, colorful blend of unsweetened iced tea. All dietary bases covered—check and check. It’s all about ensuring variety without sacrificing taste or elegance.

Next up, let’s talk presentation. Picture a beautifully arranged table with options strategically placed to invite all to indulge. You’ve got air fryer Brussels sprouts drizzled in balsamic that sit beautifully next to a bowl of comforting butternut squash mingling with apples. This isn’t just food; it’s a conversation starter, a painting, a gourmet experience.

Pot pie on serving board placed on the table

And what about the classics? Mashed potatoes with a dollop of sour cream and chives, and let’s not forget those Instant Pot artichokes that promises love at first bite. But, as every maestro of the meal knows, it’s not just about the food. It’s about how the spread beckons each guest to build a plate that sparks joy.

Side DishVegetarianVeganGluten-Free
Rosemary Garlic Mashed PotatoesYesCustomizableYes
Balsamic Roasted Brussels SproutsYesYesYes
Honey Glazed Baby CarrotsYesNoYes
Artisanal Bread SelectionYesNoNo

Your pot pie party doesn’t just feed the masses—it complements individual tastes, caters to everyone’s needs, and serves up memories in every spoonful (or forkful!). So go ahead, play that gracious host, and watch as your personalized pot pie affair becomes the talk of the town. And remember, the best ingredient is always a dash of creativity sprinkled with love. Bon appétit!


As you bring your culinary journey around the chicken pot pie to a satisfying close, consider how the symphony of flavors from your side dishes elevates the entire meal. To achieve that delightful pot pie meal, it’s all about striking that impeccable balance.

Picture the vibrant, roasted vegetables sidling up to the creamy decadence of the pie, or the fresh crunch of a well-dressed salad offering a refreshing counterpoint. These are the finishing culinary touches that ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

Whether you’re hosting a laid-back evening or dressing your table for a special occasion, the right satisfying side dishes make all the difference. They’re the pop of color in a potentially monochromatic plate, the array of textures that keep every bite interesting, and what’s more, they can be tailored to satiate the taste buds of each and every guest.

After all, the hallmark of a successful meal is not just in its central element but in the thoughtful selection of accompaniments that provide a harmonious complement.

As you clear the dishes and lean back, content in the aftermath of a meal well crafted, it’s the chorus of contented sighs and the warm buzz of conversation that are your true rewards. Those satisfying side dishes you thoughtfully curated?

They transformed your chicken pot pie from merely comfort food into a culinary event. Here’s to those delectable pairings that complete a delightful pot pie meal, ensuring that every gathering around your table is not just an act of eating, but a celebration of feasting.


What sides pair well with the rich and creamy flavors of chicken pot pie?

Oh, you’re in for a treat! Roasted vegetables like Brussels sprouts with a balsamic glaze or a miso cauliflower are a symphony of flavors. If you’re more of a spud lover, creamy mashed potatoes or a vibrant grilled potato salad can elevate your comfort food game spectacularly.

Can you suggest some refreshing vegetable sides to serve with chicken pot pie?

Refreshing is my middle name! Think about sautéed spinach with garlic, or for a crunch, a crisp arugula salad with a zesty red wine vinaigrette. Keep it cool and fresh, and your taste buds will be doing the cha-cha.

Are there non-traditional potato sides that go beyond the usual mashed potatoes with chicken pot pie?

For those who dare to venture outside the mashed potato box, Duchess potatoes add a regal touch, and smashed potatoes with Mojo sauce bring a dazzling crunch. Why settle for the mundane when you can feast like royalty?

How can I incorporate lighter sides into a meal with chicken pot pie?

Who says comfort food can’t have a light touch? Serve up a tangy cherry tomato salad, a fennel and chickpea salad, or a bright citrusy coleslaw. They’re like the opening act that makes the headliner shine even brighter.

What are some must-try side dishes that complement chicken pot pie?

If you’re looking to impress, do not, I repeat, do not skip the glazed carrots or the oven-roasted Mexican carrots. They’re like the little black dress of side dishes—always in style and perfect for any pot pie occasion.

Can you suggest any side dishes inspired by Southern or coastal cuisine to pair with chicken pot pie?

Y’all ready for some Southern charm? Try sautéed cabbage or a clove-studded baked ham. For a seaside vibe, nothing beats grilled cabbage steaks with a zestful barbecue sauce. Talk about a getaway on a plate!

What kinds of beverages should I serve with chicken pot pie?

You need something to wash down that pot pie goodness, and unsweetened iced tea or a crisp pilsner fits the bill. If wine’s more your scene, a light-bodied white won’t steer you wrong. It’s all about balance, just like tightrope walking… but tastier.

How can I make sure my pot pie meal caters to guests with dietary preferences?

Personalization is key! For your vegan pals, roasted sweet potatoes are a win. And don’t forget an array of refreshing unsweetened drinks. Who says pot pie can’t be the belle of the dietary-inclusive ball?