25 Breakfast Charcuterie Ideas – From Hot Cocoa to Pancakes and Sausages

Breakfast charcuterie boards are the only way to go when you want to accomplish all this. They are so easy to make. Plus, there are so many different things you can place on a charcuterie board for breakfast. Today, we are sharing some of our favorite breakfast charcuterie ideas. We know you will find one of these breakfast ideas perfect for that next simple breakfast you want to serve. 

25 Breakfast Charcuterie Ideas

  1. Pancakes, Sausage, and Fruit

You can never go wrong when you place pancakes on a charcuterie board for breakfast. Add in some sausage and fruit and you have a full meal without a lot of hassle. 

  1. Hot Cocoa Board

Before we get too far into the breakfast charcuterie board ideas list, let’s share our favorite hot cocoa board. Serve this with your breakfast charcuterie board and keep everyone well hydrated. 

  1. Pancake, Bacon, and Fruit 

If you don’t have sausage fans in your house, load up your breakfast charcuterie board with lots of bacon! Don’t forget the syrup and even a few dips for the fruit. 

  1. Ultimate Pancake Charcuterie Board

Pancakes of all sizes, plus pancakes filled with fruit and chocolate chips can top this ultimate pancake board. Add a little butter, syrup, and fruit and you have a full meal. 

  1. Breakfast Grazing Board

You don’t need to get too fancy with your breakfast board. Simply add some pancakes, waffles, deviled eggs, bacon, and fruit. Don’t forget the small containers filled with syrup and jams. 

  1. Pancake Flag Board

This pancake flag board will be perfect for breakfast on the Fourth of July. However, you can make it on any day of the year. Line up pancakes, blueberries, and strawberries, so they look like the flag. 

  1. Breakfast Finger Foods

This charcuterie board for breakfast is filled with croissants, cinnamon buns, muffins, scrambled eggs, donuts, and fruit. Add in a little sausage and you have all the food groups. 

  1. Build Your Own Toast Board

This build your own toast board has everything from toast, sunny side up eggs, bacon, and avocado. Some bacon, peanut butter, bananas, and jam are also placed on the board to really make it a filling meal. 

  1. Tailgate Breakfast Board

You can’t go wrong when you tailgate with this breakfast charcuterie board! The chocolate on the strawberries are designed to look like footballs. The pancakes and waffles are cut into football shapes. The mini chocolate chip pancakes and strawberry skewers just take this breakfast board over the top. 

  1. Berry French Toast Kabobs

These kabobs are made with pieces of French toast and different berries. To complete your charcuterie board, add a little bacon, sausage, and other fruit. 

  1. Bagel Breakfast Board

Everyone loves bagels, so this is one of the most versatile breakfast boards. Pile different bagel flavors around the board. Then add your favorite spreads and toppings. 

  1. Breakfast Charcuterie Board

This board might have a boring name, but the food on it is anything but boring. This breakfast board has it all. Bacon, sausage, pancakes, French toast, waffles, bagels, eggs, and fresh fruit. Add as much, or as little, as you want. 

  1. Waffle Board

Waffles are quite filling, which makes them perfect for breakfast charcuterie boards. Surround the waffles with fruit, sausage, bacon, and eggs. Add a few fruit dips, syrup, and even yogurt and granola to completely fill your charcuterie board. 

  1. Epic Grilled Breakfast Board

This epic breakfast board is filled with meats, cheeses, eggs, and fruit. Add in a few veggies if you want to increase the nutritional value. 

  1. Pomegranate and Pistachio Board

This is the perfect breakfast charcuterie idea for the holidays. Pomegranates are only one of the many different fruits piled onto this board. Add in some meat, chocolate, and nuts like pistachios, and you have the perfect snacky board for breakfast. 

  1. 7 Minute Brunch Cheese Board

This easy to make brunch board contains donuts, croissants, fruit, and cheese. Feel free to add a little granola and yogurt for those people who want to skip the donuts. 

  1. Scrambled Egg Brunch Board

Egg lovers will enjoy diving into this breakfast board filled with scrambled eggs, English muffins, cheese, and fruit. Feel free to add a few veggies to your scrambled eggs to really make them stand out. 

  1. Bagel and Smoked Salmon Bar

This breakfast board is full of bagels, smoked salmon, spreads, and a few veggies. Pile them all together to make a bagel sandwich or simply pick at what’s leftover when everyone is finished. 

  1. Rise and Shine Breakfast Board

This rise and shine board is quite colorful and the foods on it taste delicious. Start by adding croissants, mini waffles, muffins, and toast to a charcuterie board or tray. Then surround it all with deviled eggs, fruit, and bacon. 

  1. Best Brunch Charcuterie Board

Sometimes, the best breakfast foods are served for brunch. If you are planning a brunch, make sure you have everything you need to make this breakfast board. This board includes eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, crackers, nuts, and yogurt. 

  1. Holiday Breakfast Charcuterie Board

The holidays have arrived and it is time for all that entertaining. This holiday breakfast board makes serving breakfast for a crowd simple. This board contains eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, croissants, biscotti, fruit, yogurt, and nuts. 

  1. Epic Best Bacon Breakfast Charcuterie Board

This breakfast board has so much more than bacon. However, the name will get your family out of bed really quick! Start by piling the bacon onto your charcuterie board or tray. Then surround it with smoked salmon, eggs, fruit, cheese, pretzel rolls, and ham. Feel free to add some toast for those who want to make a breakfast sandwich. 

  1. Epic Christmas Cinnamon Roll Board

This epic board is full of piping hot cinnamon rolls. Surrounding those rolls are eggs, sausage, bacon, and lots of fruit. If you do serve this during the holidays, throw a few red and green sprinkles on top of the cinnamon rolls. 

  1. Easy Tomato Galette Breakfast Platter

The tomato galettes are served with eggs, avocado wedges, sausage, fruits, and greens. Feel free to add what you think will go with these rustic pies. 

  1. European Breakfast Platter

Transport yourself over to Europe for the day with this breakfast board. You can choose your favorite European breakfast foods. However, this board contains bagel chips, different cheeses, prosciutto, bread, sliced apples, apple butter, and honey. 

These are our favorite 25 breakfast charcuterie boards. We know you will discover one of them is your all-time favorite. But first you need to start making a few of them to try.