Pho Meat Guide – The Ultimate Guide To Ordering Pho Meats

Pho meat guide - brisket, tendon, flank, rare eye round steak, tendon, oxtail,

Vietnamese foods are often quite flavorful. This Pho meat guide is a must-read before your next visits to the nearest Pho restaurant. You might want to take a screenshot of the above picture for reference. Pho is very healthy soup with rice noodles. Its health benefits is primarily due to the fact that it is … Read more

Best Wood For Cutting Board: Softwood vs. Hardwoods

9 wooden cutting boards made from walnut in different sizes and shapes

Cutting boards are in kitchens all around the country and the world. Some people have a stack of cutting boards in their kitchens. Others may have a single cutting board they use every single day. While those cutting boards may seem similar, they are most likely all made from different materials. Some may be wooden … Read more