Nihari Slow Cooked Gluten Free Lamb Meat Garam Masala Stew Pakistan

Nihari slow cooked gluten free lamb meat garam masala stew

Nihari is a slow cooked lamb shank recipe with flavorful spices. It is a dish with a captivating history and remarkable popularity on the Indian subcontinent. Typical of a recipe whose history begins in the 16th century, there are varying opinions on its true origin. Was nihari a dish served to the wealthy Nawab rulers … Read more

Tavce Gravce Macedonian Bean Stew

Tavce gravce macedonian bean stew

Friday is abstinence day for meat-eating Orthodox Christians, which means that vegetarian dishes in the otherwise carnivorous Balkans do get an airing at least once a week. One of these dishes is tavce gravce, Macedonia’s national plate, nuances of which pervade all of the former Yugoslav countries under different names, including pasulj, prebranac and grah. Put simply, tavce gravce … Read more

Ropa Vieja: Cuban Shredded Slow Cooked Beef

Ropa Vieja: Cuban Shredded Slow Cooked Beef

We love getting feedback from the Arousing Appetites community. Recently, we were asked to write about a few more meaty recipes, and of course we’re happy to oblige. Unfortunately for Heather, who has been a pescatarian (vegetarian and fish diet) since 2007, she won’t be privy to enjoy these delicious recipes, but I sure can. And … Read more