Tilkeladoo Vegan Indian Sesame Seed Jaggery Coconut Oil Sweet Makar Sankranti

Tilkeladoo vegan Indian sesame seed jaggery coconut oil sweet

If only every dessert could be like til ke ladoo. It’s one thing to enjoy the sweet, balanced flavors like this sesame and jaggery treat can offer. Certainly we all can get around the keystone Indian festivals of Diwali and Makar Sankranti. It’s an entirely different story, however, when you can enjoy the sweet in the name of … Read more

Shorshe: Bangladeshi Fish Curry

Shorshe: Bangladeshi Fish Curry

This is a turmeric spiced salmon topped with a spicy curry made from scratch with coconut milk, more turmeric, and some cayenne and mustard powder, served over white rice. It is much tastier than just a grilled salmon with dry rub that we’re all so used to in the states! In our pursuit to try … Read more

Goan Prawn Curry

goan prawn curry

Discovering Indian cuisine We discovered this delicious goan prawn curry while we were on a trip to India. Heather and I were fortunate to make it to India earlier this year in order to attend a good friend’s wedding. And first, let me tell you that Indian weddings are so incredibly eventful… I certainly wasn’t … Read more