Top 10 Holiday Treats Around the World (that are easy to make)

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The holidays are a time to gather with family, friends and loved ones. But how is it celebrated in other countries? This list of the top 10 holiday treats and sweets around the world that are easy to make. These delicious treats will definitely put a smile on your face this Christmas season!

From the traditional apple pies we use here in America (this recipe is vegan!), to Asian rice cakes, carrot cakes, and spiked eggnog, this roundup has it all!

Ever wonder how other people around the world celebrate their holidays? Are you 100% American? Do you have 3% or 5% Jewish, or Puerto Rican in you?

What if this holiday you brought over a treat from your ancestors? These 10 treats are the best, easiest holiday sweets around the world. At the party, you can enjoy explaining to family and friends about your 3% or 1.5% ancestral lineage! Just tell them your DNA told you so!

Coquito: Puerto Rican Coconut Rum Eggnog

Coquito: Puerto Rican Coconut Rum Eggnog

Puerto Rican eggnog is extra creamy holiday treat. This recipe is made with homemade condensed coconut milk, sprinkled with familiar spices of cinnamon and nutmeg. Garnished with coconut flakes and a cinnamon stick.

Apple pie - American vegan with lattice top

Apple Pie: The All American Dessert

u003cpu003eVegan Homemade Apple Pie with Lattice Weave with ground cinnamon.u003c/pu003e

Halva ye havij is a Persian sweet carrot confection flavored with the likes of saffron and rosewater. It makes for a delicious dessert at any party!

Halva Ye Havij: Persian Sweet Carrot Confection

u003cpu003eHalva Ye Havij: Persian Sweet Carrot Sweets with ground cardamom.u003c/pu003e

Coffee beverage in a glass container

Easy Spiked Eggnog With Coffee and Brandy – Without Heavy Cream

Spiked eggnog is really easy to make. Just a few ingredients, traditional spices of cinnamon and nutmeg then add in your favorite liquer voila! You have a batch of creamy

Joulutortut: Finnish Jam Pinwheel Pastries

Joulutortut: Finnish Jam Pinwheel Pastries

u003cpu003eJoulutortut in butter, cheese, and apple cider vinegar.u003c/pu003e

Melomakarona: Greek Honey-Dipped Christmas Cookies

Melomakarona: Greek Honey-Dipped Christmas Cookies

u003cpu003eMelomakarona in grated orange zest.u003c/pu003e

Gluhwein: German Spiced Mulled Wine

Gluhwein: German Spiced Mulled Wine

u003cpu003eGluhwein in red wine and coconut sugar.u003c/pu003e

Sandkaker: Norwegian Almond Butter Wafers

Sandkaker: Norwegian Almond Butter Wafers

u003cpu003eSandkaker: Norwegian Almond Butter Wafers with grass-fed butter.u003c/pu003e

These little delights are called Rugelach, a traditional Jewish croissant pastry often served during Hanukkah. The dough makes a great vehicle for any number of fillings, but we opted to fill our rugelach with chocolate, walnuts, raisins and cinnamon.

Rugelach: Traditional Jewish Croissant Pastries

u003cpu003eRugelach: Croissant Pastries Stuffed with Chocolate, Raisins and Walnuts with cream cheese.u003c/pu003e

Asian rice cake made with rice flour

Asian Rice Cake Recipe With Rice Flour – Naturally Gluten Free

This treat is naturally gluten-free, made with coconut milk and rice flour. It is basically a sweet and spongy dessert mini cake baked in a muffin tray. The Filipinos call

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