Dovi: Zimbabwean Peanut Stew

The final plated dish of Zimbabwe Dovi - Peanut Stew

For the both of us, one of the most valuable perks of preparing these posts is the opportunity to learn the lesser known histories of the cultures we cook. To say the least, we had limited insight into the history of Zimbabwe and how a dish like Dovi came to be. Little did we know that, even … Read more

Caril de Caranguejo: Mozambican Crab Curry

The final plated dish of Mozambique Caril de Caranguejo - Crab Curry

There are some culinary mixes that simply work better than others. It could be a complementary set of flavor profiles or that one cuisine’s cooking method merges seamlessly with another’s ingredients. In these cases, two is definitely better than one. Mozambican cuisine, and caril de caranguejo in particular, is one such fortuitous mix. Drawing on strong … Read more

Pastel de Choclo: Chilean Corn Pie

Chilean pastel de choclo corn casserole filling with mushroom onion spices olives eggs and mozzerella topped with brown sugar

It’s amazing how food can serve as a proxy for identifying key cultural integrations. For the Chileans, the best available “yummy proxy” is none other than pastel de choclo. Drawing on key components from the different historical influences, this recipe represents far more than a corn pie for a fiercely proud population. And, given the taste of it, … Read more

Griot: Haitian Broiled Pork Loin

Griot: Haitian Broiled Pork Loin

Griot Haitian food was an exploration that we were really, really looking forward to. We’d had some background into Haitian foods (and how distinctly different it is from other Caribbean cuisines), so we already had a pretty strong inkling that this griot would end up a pretty magical recipe. Even then, we still completely underestimated … Read more

Jerk Chicken: Jamaican

Jerk Chicken: Jamaican Dish

Up until now, we were living in blissful ignorance. Sure, we’d tried (and even tried making) what we considered to be “jerk chicken,” but it’s very surprising – even a bit shocking – to see how far off we were. Thankfully, we’re now a little closer to being in the know, and we’re very glad for … Read more

Brodet: Croatian Seafood Stew

Brodet: Croatian Seafood Stew

In order to make a dish in the real, authentic sort of way, you might find yourself employing a particular trick or tactic that seems a bit odd, a little funny and maybe even slightly counterintuitive. With not one but two of these kinds of tricks, brodet certainly fits the bill for these types of recipes. Don’t worry… we’ve … Read more