Caponata: Cooked Sicilian Aubergines

This is caponata, a classic Sicilian dish of stewed aubergines or eggplant, complete with loads of vegetables, fresh herbs and spices and lovely balance between sweet and sour

This was a cuisine we’ve been really looking forward to exploring. Sure, Sicily is technically part of Italy these days, but the island’s history has endowed it with a culture so unique, so incredible and so distinct from the mainland. In this way, pairing Sicily and Italian together would be quite the misnomer. One area that … Read more

Chili Crab: Singaporean Shellfish in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Chili Crab: Singaporean Shellfish in Spicy Tomato Sauce

It’s funny how a dish can, in effect, go “viral” and gain massive popularity… almost like a YouTube video or the next hot meme. And yet, that’s exactly what happened to Singapore’s now-signature dish: the chili crab. Take one delicious recipe, the ever-powerful word of mouth and some entrepreneurial savviness from its creator, and you … Read more

Khachapuri (Acharuli): Georgian Cheese Bread

Khachapuri (Acharuli): Georgian Cheese Bread

It’s one thing for a country to have various regional cuisines. As we saw in the case of Croatia, the Dalmatian dishes like brodet are entirely different than what you might find in the mainland. Georgia’s different regions, however, take this notion of regional independence to an entirely different level. For a dish like khachapuri, … Read more

Anticuchos: Peruvian Beef Kabobs

Peruvian Anticuchos Kabobs with Aji Amarillo Sauce

Thanks to some of our previous deep culinary explorations here on Arousing Appetites, we’ve encountered some prevailing trends in the world’s history. Introducing the Spanish conquistadors into the picture, for example, generally spelled bad news for the land’s indigenous populations. We’ve seen it certainly be the case both in Jamaica and in Haiti. Sometimes, amid all the historical … Read more

Šaltibarščiai (Cold Beet Soup) – A Recipe from Lithuania

Saltibarsciai traditional Lithuanian Cold Beet Soup

What is Šaltibarščiai? Šaltibarščiai (Cold Beet Soup) is a Lithuanian recipe that typically of cold roasted beets, cucumbers, and kefir. It is served cold with a sliced boiled eggs on top, and optional dill and chives for garnishing! If the sound of these ingredients are appealing to you, you might want to check out other … Read more

Poffertjes: Dutch Silver Dollar Pancakes

Poffertjes topped with powdered sugar and butter

Some recipes we choose to do for less logical, more emotional reasons. Even in the early stages of recipe planning, we were determined to focus on poffertjes for our deep dive into Dutch dining. Nevermind their ubiquity in Dutch snacking culture. Poffertjes hold a bit of sentimental value for the both of us. We can both hearken … Read more