Ema Datshi Bhutanese Chili Cheese Stew

Ema Datshi Bhutanese Chili Cheese Stew

If, like us, you’re the kind of spice fan who likes to sprinkle tabasco over your habanera peppers, then you’ve found your dream dish in Bhutan’s ema datshi. Basically a curry made from chili peppers and farmer’s cheese, ema datshi can be tweaked for more sensitive palates by switching out the chilis for milder pepper … Read more

Jocon De Pollo Guatemalan Chicken Tomatill Stew

Jocon de Pollo guatemalan chicken tomatill stew

Jocon de pollo is a classic Guatemalan dish, heavily influenced by Mayan culture in Guatemala. It is a fusion of ingredients the Maya have been enjoying for centuries. However, the most important ingredient in this flavorful stew, the chicken, did not make its way into Mayan cuisine until long after the decline of the great Mayan civilization. And to … Read more

Korean Beef Bulgogi

Korean Beef Bulgogi grilled on a plate with a bowl of white rice

Korean BBQ is picking up steam in the United States – sitting at a restaurant and cooking your own food seems appealing to many, and makes for a great social gathering of friends. This Korean Beef Bulgogi will make you think you’re at a Korean BBQ restaurant. MEAT ON FIRE – FROM MAEKJEOK TO NEOBIANI … Read more

Pelmeni Siberian Meat Dumplings

Pelmeni Siberian Meat Dumplings

The humble pelmeni-like dumpling is something you can find nesting in pretty much every cuisine in the world. From Italian ravioli to Polish pierogis, Japanese gyoza to Tibetan momos: the simple act of wrapping a bit of meat or some vegetables in a pastry circle and then boiling it has caught on in every corner of … Read more

Bobotie South African Meatloaf Casserole

Bobotie South African meatloaf casserole

What do you get when you throw a some ground meat, eggs and bread at an 17th century Dutch spice ship? The answer is bobotie, South Africa’s national dish that was born of a dark union between colonizers, slaves and the centuries-old spice trade. Bobotie is a dish of sweet and zesty mince meat topped … Read more

Shakriya Syrian Lamb Yogurt Soup

Shakriya Syrian lamb yogurt soup

Shakriya – a Syrian soup with yogurt, lamb, chickpeas and pine nuts, as well as a mouthwatering infusion of spices and herbs – is the kind of dish of our dreams we never imagined could exist until we accidentally ordered it one day in a restaurant in Aleppo more than 14 years ago. It came … Read more