Jerk Chicken: Jamaican

Jerk Chicken: Jamaican Dish

Up until now, we were living in blissful ignorance. Sure, we’d tried (and even tried making) what we considered to be “jerk chicken,” but it’s very surprising – even a bit shocking – to see how far off we were. Thankfully, we’re now a little closer to being in the know, and we’re very glad for … Read more

Sopa de Caracol – Coconut Conch Soup

Sopa de Caracol - Honduran Conch Soup

When finding recipes to test and adapt for here on Arousing Appetites, we look not only for great taste but also for an intriguing history. And while the story for sopa de caracol may not trace as far back as earlier millenia (like ropa vieja or latkes, for example), it’s certainly not every day that a dish … Read more

Hudut: Belizean Mashed Plantains and Fish Stew

Hudut: Belizean Mashed Plantains and Fish Stew

If there were ever a recipe that epitomizes putting “tender loving care” into a dish or a recipe, it would be hudut. When made entirely from scratch, there’s hand grating coconuts and manually mashing plantains involved! Unfortunately (and kind of fortunately), we didn’t do that ourselves. And when using a few “shortcuts,” these mashed plantains can … Read more