Maqbous Omani Chicken Saffron Chana Dal Spiced Rice

Maqbous Omani chicken saffron chana dal spiced rice

Maqbous is a chicken and rice dish packed with a legion of spices and a sweet rosewater-raisin tang that hails from Oman in the south-eastern corner of the Arabian peninsula. It’s a close cousin of the Saudi kabsa, the Yemeni mandi, and the Indian biryani and reminds us a lot of Gambian benachin. Oman is one of the … Read more

Arroz Chaufa Peruvian Cantonese Stir Fried Rice

Arroz chaufa Peruvian Cantonese stir fried rice

Think of a classic Peruvian dinner, and arroz chaufa might not be the first thing that springs to mind. You might instead conjure up a plate of ceviche or a barbequed cuy (guinea pig!) washed down with a pisco sour. Spend an evening in Lima, however, and you are just as likely to find yourself tucking into a hearty … Read more

Muamba Nsusu: Congolese Peanut & Palm Oil Stew

Muamba Nsusu: Congolese Peanut & Palm Oil Stew

Few ingredients in the world have had as big an impact on their native region as the palm nut. Whether used in dishes like muamba nsusu or as industrial machine lubricant or even in beauty products, this tiny reddish nut (and especially its oil) did so much for West Africa… including both the good and the … Read more

Jerk Chicken: Jamaican

Jerk Chicken: Jamaican Dish

Up until now, we were living in blissful ignorance. Sure, we’d tried (and even tried making) what we considered to be “jerk chicken,” but it’s very surprising – even a bit shocking – to see how far off we were. Thankfully, we’re now a little closer to being in the know, and we’re very glad for … Read more

Doro Wot: Ethiopian Berbere & Chicken Stew

Doro Wot: Ethiopian Berbere & Chicken Stew

Coming from the DC area, there is a true abundance of high-quality and amazing Ethiopian restaurants around town. This cluster of amazing Ethiopian food is, oddly enough, one of the few things that the DC food scene is known for. After recently going to one of our favorite places nearby, it dawned on us that … Read more