Chocolate Filled Croissant – Easy Jewish Pastries Recipe (Rugelach)

These little delights are called Rugelach, a traditional Jewish croissant pastry often served during Hanukkah. The dough makes a great vehicle for any number of fillings, but we opted to fill our rugelach with chocolate, walnuts, raisins and cinnamon.

Chocolate filled croissant from scratch – traditional Jewish pastries (rugelach). This recipes uses coconut sugar, chocolate chips, butter, and cream cheese. YUMMMM

Latkes: Jewish Potato Fritters

Yes, latkes can be incredibly easy to make, but the quality of your end result latkes depends on how well the batter can stay together while frying. The batter itself is made with your shredded main latke base, egg, matzo meal (kosher bread crumbs), and some additional seasoning as desired. To make the batter stick … Read more