Pretzel Charcuterie Board – Easy Party Pleaser

A charcuterie board using pretzels as the main ingredient is known as a pretzel charcuterie board. Traditionally, charcuterie boards are made up of a variety of meats, cheeses, and other small snacks that are arranged on a board or platter for snacking.

A pretzel charcuterie board differs from other charcuterie boards in that it emphasizes pretzels rather of the more conventional charcuterie meats. This makes it a fantastic alternative for anyone seeking for a more informal and nontraditional snack board or who might not be as interested in typical charcuterie meats.

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Optional rolled up pieces of salami that resemble roses can be added for an aesthetic presentation. It’s easy – just overlap two pieces of salami and roll them. Other larger deli meat can simply be rolled into a log.

pretzel charcuterie board  with salami roses, pretzels, melba toast, pretzels, blueberries and olives

Types of pretzels – hard or soft?

Whether or not to include both soft and hard pretzels on a pretzel charcuterie board is a matter of personal preference. Some people may prefer the softer texture of a soft pretzel, while others may prefer the crunchy texture of a hard pretzel.

By having both soft and firm pretzels on a pretzel charcuterie board, you can give a variety of flavors in addition to textures. Others may be flavored with sweet toppings like chocolate or caramel, while some hard pretzels may be seasoned with spices or seasonings like salt, sesame seeds, or poppy seeds. On the other hand, soft pretzels can be covered in a savory topping like cheese or garlic or flavored with herbs or spices.

The choice of whether to serve both soft and firm pretzels on a pretzel charcuterie board ultimately depends on your preferences and those of your guests. To add even more diversity to your board, you may also think about putting a range of pretzel varieties, such as pretzel rolls and twisted pretzels.

top view photo of pretzel charcuterie garnished with rosemary on a round wooden board

Dips, spreads, and sauces

The range of dips and spreads that may be added to a pretzel charcuterie board to provide flavor and variety is another distinctive feature. Options could include ranch dressing, mustard, cheese sauce, honey mustard, and more. This makes it possible for you to design a pretzel charcuterie board that is tailored to your personal interests and preferences, making it an entertaining and engaging snack choice for a party or gathering.

Dips, spreads and other small sauces that accompany a pretzel board is great but can be messy – either have it on a side in a small ceramic bowl, or you can skip it all together. I would include them only if you have a very large pretzel charcuterie board and need filler items to make it look more full.

Sauces, dips, and spreads are a great addition – but keep them in a separate bowl! It’s much harder to clean a charcuterie board if you put it directly on the wooden board.

See this other article on sauces, dips, and spreads that go well with charcuterie.

Other items that goes well with a pretzel charcuterie board

Whether you choose pretzel chips or soft pretzels – they are drying to the mouth. Here’s some items that goes well:

  • Fruit that are easy to eat with your hands such as blueberries. For a unique taste, try gooseberries!
  • Hummus, mustard, or other sauces, jams, and spreads are a welcoming treat to the mouth. If you’re going for these items make sure to have it on a side in a small ceramic bowl. For large parties this make it easier to enjoy
  • Meat sticks and deli meat. They look fantastic when arranged properly – salami can be rolled into roses by overlapping two pieces together and rolling them, larger deli meat such as ham can be rolled into a log, prosciutto can be placed directly onto the board – just make sure you cut them up into more manageable pieces
  • Cheddar cheese is great here
  • Finally, garnish with a few rosemary sprigs, and optionally fill in the spaces with nuts, seeds, or granola for a full looking board
close up view on a side of pretzel charcuterie board

Equipment needed:

A round wooden cutting board is best here, for this presentation. However it could be tricky to move around if you’re filling it, or tend to move the board around alot from table to table. You might want to opt for a tray instead – the lip on the rim will keep things from rolling off the charcuterie.

I prefer a round flat wooden board because I can use that for other purposes – pizza, cakes, and as a regular cutting board. With a tray, the use is pretty limited.

Remember to go for a dark wood! This is super important! Darker woods such as cherry or walnut gives a much better presentation than blonder woods such as maple.




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