Clafoutis: French Baked Cherry Tart

Baked French cherry tart clafoutis

When you think French cooking, more often than not what comes to mind are the more prim, proper and posh aspects of the cuisine. This is, for the most part, to be largely expected. Thanks to the impact from the likes of Careme, Escoffier, Bocuse and oh so many more, most of us would immediately associate the haute cuisine directly … Read more

Flaounes: Cypriot Easter Dessert

Cypriot Flaounes - cheese filled Easter bread

It never ceases to amaze us how much the history of a particular food can really speak to the broader history of the culture behind it. For flaouna (flaounes for plural), this delightful sourdough cheesy Easter dessert has become a pride and joy in Cyprus. But the recipe and its clear-cut Hellenistic roots are, interestingly, … Read more