Charcuterie Cups For Wedding – Perfect Snacks for Cocktail Hour

Charcuterie boards are not a good idea when you are serving too many guests at a wedding. Charcuterie cups for wedding is the perfect alternative!

Mini individual charcuterie cups are great; you can make as many as the guests you expect. This way, guests can have all delicacies. Charcuterie cups are fun to make and look great. Not only for weddings, but you can also make it for cocktail parties. You can customize them in so many ways and add your favorite assortments.

This article will guide you on how to make a perfect charcuterie cup. We will guide you to make cups and also help you to customize them with your favorite ingredients. So before further ado, let’s hit straight to our topic.

How to Make Easy Individual Charcuterie Cups for Weddings?

Charcuterie cups

Charcuterie boards can be too big and bulky. And you may have to make too many as for each table you need one. Instead of making charcuterie boards, you can make charcuterie cups for individual servings. It’s a great and safe way of serving. Since Covid, everyone has become too conscious and must follow safety instructions.

How to Select the Charcuterie Cup?

You can buy special charcuterie cups available in the market; small glasses, jars, or special charcuterie cups available in the market can be used. The size of the cup depends on the number of items you want to fill in the cup. Usually, 4-8 oz cups are used. See how we have assembled small charcuterie boxes. For the wedding, we recommend 8 oz glasses. However, you can use smaller cups if you have too many kids as a guest, like at a birthday party. 

The material of cups or jars is a personal choice as well. You can use available paper-made cups, glasses, or plastic cups. For an elegant wedding occasion, glasses seem more classy and elegant.


Skewers add to the beauty of charcuterie cups and allow guests to eat comfortably. Different types of skewers are available in the market. You can use bamboo skewers or fancy stainless steel skewers as well. Make sure you choose the height according to the size of your glass. We have chosen two types of skewers of different sizes, as each cup will have a long and smaller skewer.

charcuterie cups for wedding - 4 skewers inside 4 champagne gups with sparkles in background

Individual cups are fun and easy to make. You can make them in advance and serve them at the last minute. Let’s see what some essential elements of a wedding charcuterie cup.


Fresh cheeses cut in the shape of cubes, circles, and slices are too easy to eat right from the cup. You can select two to three types of cheeses for charcuterie cups, fresh cheese, and hard blocks are easier to serve. You better avoid creamy and semi-firm cheese like camembert. 

We have chosen cheddar cheese blocks. Any other hard blocks like Gruyere, Havarti, or Mozerrlla balls as well. We have used a block of cheddar cheese. gouda and mozerella cheese. Use thick cheddar cheese and cut them into a heart shape with a cookie cutter. Read more about selecting cheese for a charcuterie board.


For Cup charcuterie, Slices of salami and ham are easier to serve. You can double-fold the salami slices and put it in the glass. We used a salami slices on the skewer and placed a slice of ham and fuette sausages in the cup. You can use other deli meat slices and even sausages in the cup.


Fruits add freshness, taste, and color to your charcuterie cup. They are the most important elements. We have used purple grapes along with tangerine segments. A tangerine segment on the skewer looks cute. A big orange slice gives charcuterie color and freshness. You can use any other seasonal fruits, like raspberries and strawberries, in a cup and put them on skewers.

Instead of fruit, you could also opt for olives as well – just make sure you get the seedless types, since no one wants to have to spit out the pits – especially not at a wedding! Here are the best olives and how to pair them for your next charcuterie platter, tray, box, cone, or skewer.

3 charcuterie cups with sparkles in background and a heart shaped cheddar cheese on top

Besides fruits, you can add cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, and pickles to the skewers. Olives go very well with cured meat and cheese. So we have used black and green olives.

Nuts and Bread

These add a lot of crunch, sweet, and nutty flavor to the charcuterie. Candied nuts, dates, crackers, cheese crackers, toasted baguettes, and breadsticks are perfect for small charcuterie cups. We have added cheese crackers that give crunch and go well with cured meat slices and cheese.

Jams Dips and Spreads

Although jams, dips, and spreads are great to have on a charcuterie, it is more appropriate to have it for a small intimate dinner or snack than at a large even like a wedding. I would definitely skip any kind of jams, dips, or spreads on a charcuterie at a wedding – they get messy, and no one wants their tuxedo or brand new dress with jam on it.

How to Assemble Skewers to Give Height to Charcuterie cups?

You can add some height to charcuterie cups with skewers. We have used two types of skewers of different heights. For skewers, you can use a wooden or stainless steel ones. We have prepared one cheese cube, olive, folded salami slice, and a heart cut from a slice of cheddar cheese on the top. 

For the second skewer we have four purple grapes with an tangrine carpel on the top for the smaller skewer. Finish setting with a slice of orange in each glass.

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charcuterie cups for wedding - 4 skewers inside 4 champagne gups with sparkles in background

Charcuterie Cups For Wedding


This recipe makes 4 – multiply as needed for your wedding guests


  • 4x bamboo skewers, 10inches
  • 4x bamboo skewers, 6 inches
  • 4x clear champagne cups
  • 4oz gouda, sliced and shaped into hearts
  • 1x mozzarella ball, cubed
  • 4oz blueberries
  • 1x tangerine or large clementine, peeled
  • 1x orange, sliced 
  • 4oz kalamata olives
  • 4oz seedless grapes
  • 2oz ham slices
  • 2oz salami
  • 2oz fuet sausage
  • 4oz crackers


Prepare the skewers:

  1. For the 10-inch skewer, start with a mozzarella cube at the bottom, leaving around 2 inches at the bottom of the skewer
  2. Fill in alternating layers of salami, grapes, cubed mozzarella
  3. When there is 2 inches left, add a ham rose (fold a piece of ham in half, overlap two pieces and roll them)
  4. Top with gouda shaped heart
  5. For the 6-inch skewer, start with some blueberries at the bottom and top with a slice of tangerine or clementine.

Fill the cup:

  1. Start by filling the champagne cup with grapes, salami slices, and mozzarella cubes
  2. Add the 10-inch skewer and position in place
  3. Add some more crackers and an olive
  4. Add the 6-inch skewer. 
  5. Fill the rest of the glass with quarter fold salami slices
  6. Top with a slice of orange standing up.
  • Prep Time: 15
  • Cook Time: 15

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