chakalaka dish

Sure, most recipes will leave a little room for imagination to the beholder (in other words, the cook). Chakalaka, however, is a different story. After the base ingredients of onions, tomatoes and peppers, it seems like everyone has a unique spin on how to make a proper chakalaka. In all of our recipe research done here … Read more

Yalanci Sarma: Armenian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Yalanci Sarma: Armenian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Since it is the holiday season, ’tis also the season for holiday parties! As part of our quest to find holiday-centric recipes from around the world, we also figured it would be a fun idea to find inspiration for bringing the holiday cheer to the bellies of your party guests. For today, as part of … Read more

Goi Cuon: Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

One of the greatest “grocery store discoveries” that we’ve ever made has been rice paper sheets for fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. For starters, they’re light and nutritious. Each individual sheet is only ~34 calories! And it’s also a source for fiber and iron. They’re incredibly inexpensive too! One packet of 35 sheets, which easily spans … Read more