Muamba Nsusu: Congolese Peanut & Palm Oil Stew

Muamba Nsusu: Congolese Peanut & Palm Oil Stew

Few ingredients in the world have had as big an impact on their native region as the palm nut. Whether used in dishes like muamba nsusu or as industrial machine lubricant or even in beauty products, this tiny reddish nut (and especially its oil) did so much for West Africa… including both the good and the … Read more

Pochero: Filipino Beef Stew

This is Pochero! A Filipino Pork Stew with baby corn, bok choy, tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, green beans and chorizo

Sometimes it simply doesn’t do a dish justice to try drawing parallels for it. Sure, pochero is kind of sort of “like Spanish cocido,” except that it’s simply not. While conceptually the same thing, the Filipino version of pochero has evolved into something far more exquisite than that. Pochero, Spanish Influences, and Unique Filipino Tastes In … Read more

Bougna: Kanak Yam and Seafood Curry

New Caledonian Bougna, a Kanak dish, featuring prawns and yams

This recipe is made with full shrimp (head on and not shelled) – combined with some yam, tomatoes, and onions simmering in some full fat coconut milk and topped with shredded coconut, served on optional banana leaves.

Dovi: Zimbabwean Peanut Stew

The final plated dish of Zimbabwe Dovi - Peanut Stew

For the both of us, one of the most valuable perks of preparing these posts is the opportunity to learn the lesser known histories of the cultures we cook. To say the least, we had limited insight into the history of Zimbabwe and how a dish like Dovi came to be. Little did we know that, even … Read more

Caril de Caranguejo: Mozambican Crab Curry

The final plated dish of Mozambique Caril de Caranguejo - Crab Curry

There are some culinary mixes that simply work better than others. It could be a complementary set of flavor profiles or that one cuisine’s cooking method merges seamlessly with another’s ingredients. In these cases, two is definitely better than one. Mozambican cuisine, and caril de caranguejo in particular, is one such fortuitous mix. Drawing on strong … Read more

Šaltibarščiai (Cold Beet Soup) – A Recipe from Lithuania

Saltibarsciai traditional Lithuanian Cold Beet Soup

What is Šaltibarščiai? Šaltibarščiai (Cold Beet Soup) is a Lithuanian recipe that typically of cold roasted beets, cucumbers, and kefir. It is served cold with a sliced boiled eggs on top, and optional dill and chives for garnishing! If the sound of these ingredients are appealing to you, you might want to check out other … Read more