Tave Kosi: Albanian Lamb & Yogurt Casserole

Good things are bound to happen (food-wise, at least) for a country situated in the middle of some of the oldest major culinary influences. Chalk Albania up as one of those countries, and for certain dishes – tave kosi included – the history of the dish is as rich as the taste itself. Tave Kosi: … Read more

Scotch Eggs: English Meat Encased Hard Boiled Egg

Scotch Eggs: English Meat Encased Hard Boiled Egg

When we test recipes here at Arousing Appetites, we don’t keep all the food just to ourselves to eat. No, we actually have a small “audience” that helps us taste every recipe and provides us with invaluable feedback on their preferences of the dish. Somewhat surprisingly, certain members of this group got especially excited for Scotch … Read more

Irish Soda Bread

irish soda bread

Notwithstanding how common it might really be, it’s always interesting to see a non-indigenous food rise so meteorically to the forefront of a nation’s cuisine. With the Irish – one of the earliest recorded contemporary cultures, mind you – the rise of the previously un-Irish soda bread is no exception. The Rise of Soda Bread … Read more

Haft Mewa – Afghan Fruits and Nuts – A New Year Dish

Haft Mewa

Haft mewa is an Afghan dish that combines dried fruits and nuts into a bowl together, add water and let the flavors meld and a syrup form. It’s a perfect dessert or snack dish. Sometimes, the simplest of dishes can have the most symbolic and deepest of meanings. That certainly is the case for haft … Read more

Sabzi Polo ba Mahi

Sabzi Polo ba Mahi

The turn of the seasons from winter to spring is a good enough reason for anyone to rejoice, but Nowruz in particular takes it up a notch. With traditions and celebrations spanning weeks, Nowruz is a very symbolic and special time of year for cultures stemming from the Old Persian Empire. For Iranians especially (including Cyrus and his … Read more

Bibimbap – Vegan Korean Rice Bowl with Tofu


Learning the story behind famous dishes never gets old, especially when it’s one that you’ve already encountered several times before. To say that we’ve encountered bibimbap only several times would be a slight understatement, but we’d still never really known much about it until recently. Now that we have, though, we’re that much more appreciative of such … Read more