Arroz Chaufa Peruvian Cantonese Stir Fried Rice

Arroz chaufa Peruvian Cantonese stir fried rice

Think of a classic Peruvian dinner, and arroz chaufa might not be the first thing that springs to mind. You might instead conjure up a plate of ceviche or a barbequed cuy (guinea pig!) washed down with a pisco sour. Spend an evening in Lima, however, and you are just as likely to find yourself tucking into a hearty … Read more

Korean Corn Dog – Extra Crunchy Hot Dog With Ramen

hand holding korean corn dog on a skewer

Korean Corn Dog

Calling all corn dog lovers! You’re going to want to try this one. It’s a popular street food in Asia that’s making its way into American kitchens, and for good reason. You deep fry a hotdog, add something crunchy, and top it with your choice of drizzle. Make it vegan, make it a chocolate dessert—you get the idea. There are so many ways to skin this cat, you’ll never be bored with this recipe again.

Ca Kho To: Vietnamese Braised Fish

Ca Kho To is a Vietnamese caramelized fish stew cooked in a clay pot to perfection

Say what you want about Vietnamese food, but it’s hard to deny its uniqueness and special appeal. Even in a dish like ca kho to, which is a fairly everyday dish from the South, what you see (and what you get) is a diversity of ingredients exquisitely cooked in unpretentious, simple but really effective ways. … Read more

Laap Muu: Lao Shredded Pork Salad

Laap Muu minced pork with charred eggplant, shallot and garlic

On this pursuit to “cook around the world,” we’ve come into our fair share of fairly confounding ingredients. With a mysterious ingredient called padek, the recipe for a true Laotian laap muu proved to be no exception. Padek? What could padek possibly be?? We eventually found the answer (as you’ll see here), but along the way we … Read more

Bibimbap – Vegan Korean Rice Bowl with Tofu


Learning the story behind famous dishes never gets old, especially when it’s one that you’ve already encountered several times before. To say that we’ve encountered bibimbap only several times would be a slight understatement, but we’d still never really known much about it until recently. Now that we have, though, we’re that much more appreciative of such … Read more

Shorshe: Bangladeshi Fish Curry

Shorshe: Bangladeshi Fish Curry

This is a turmeric spiced salmon topped with a spicy curry made from scratch with coconut milk, more turmeric, and some cayenne and mustard powder, served over white rice. It is much tastier than just a grilled salmon with dry rub that we’re all so used to in the states! In our pursuit to try … Read more