Koshary dish

For a culture with such a rich history and tradition as Egypt’s, it is pretty ironic that a newcomer “transplant” dish is as ubiquitous and popular as koshary. And yet, thanks to a fusion of incoming influencing cuisines, it has rapidly become one of the most authentic and recognizable foods in this former bastion of the … Read more

Mizeria – Polish Cucumber Salad With Dill and Yogurt

Mizeria served in a plate

It’s always fun to find recipes with ironic and sometimes bizarre names. When we do, the backstory to the name is almost as intriguing as the recipe itself. Mizeria certainly counts as one of those recipes. Backstory to the Mizeria Name When translating into English, mizeria can embody several concepts, none of which are at all flattering. Mizeria, … Read more

Ajiaco (Vegetarian)

Ajiaco with salsa

One of the truest joys of cooking recipes from around the world is when we come across a special herb or spice that is truly unique in taste. Granted, we didn’t really expect to find such an ingredient when we first came across ajiaco, but lo and behold, there is guascas. And indeed, guascas (and subsequently … Read more

Imam Bayildi: Turkish Tomato-Filled Eggplants

Imam Bayildi: Turkish Tomato-Filled Eggplants

This eggplant with tomato sauce recipe from Turkey is naturally vegan, and easy to prepare. Get your plates and get ready for an adventure into Turkish cuisin! One thing we really love here at Arousing Appetites is when we come across a recipe that not only is delicious but has an incredibly unique story or … Read more

Ensalada Nochebuena: Mexican Christmas Salad

Mexican Christmas Salad - Ensalada Nochebuena

For most, the “holiday season,” like it is in the US, actually means only a handful of days that are the holidays themselves. But other countries, like it is in Mexico, have a true holiday season, lasting from early December all the way through January 6. Amid this season of celebration, one of the biggest feasts still does … Read more